BOSTON (CBS) — For someone who is watching the Eastern Conference finals on TV and not participating in them, Joel Embiid still has a lot to say about the team that ended his season.

The Philly big man took a shot at Celtics center Aron Baynes during the fourth quarter of Monday night’s Game 4 against the Cavaliers, referring to him as “man bun” while making fun of his tendency to get dunked on.

Embiid wasn’t even triggered by another Baynes posterization, but this time by an odd sequence featuring the C’s gigantic Australian. Baynes had a clear path to the basket after he ended up with a loose ball on an offensive rebound, but it appears he forgot where he was on the floor. Instead of putting in the easy two, Baynes stood still before realizing the situation. He was fouled on his way to the basket.

But the move — or non-move — by Baynes got Embiid fired up enough to take a shot at his foe from the last round. He apparently forgot that it was the undermanned Celtics that sent him and his 76ers home for the season, beating them in five games in the East semis.

Maybe this is all just part of the process in Philly. The Celtics-76ers rivalry is alive and well once again, and maybe next season, Philadelphia can make it a little more interesting with their play on the floor instead of tweets from home.


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