BOSTON (CBS) – Here’s some non-breaking news for you – people are different. We see things differently, hear them differently, and respond to the same set of facts in different ways. It has always been that way. So why does it seem that lately, this perception gap is getting worse?

The latest example is an audio clip posted by a Georgia high school student. While the voice clearly says “Laurel,” many listeners claim it says “Yanny.” Experts explain this is a function of what part of the frequency range your ears pick up.

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Dress debate (WBZ-TV)

Then there was the raging debate a few years ago over whether or not this dress is white and gold or blue and black. For the record, the dress was blue and black, but good luck persuading the people who saw white and gold.

The perception gap is also clearly widening when it comes to our political culture. In overwhelming numbers, Republicans look at President Trump and see a bold, strong leader. Democrats see a selfish, dishonest fraud.

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And the gap extends to issues too.

According to the Pew Research Center, a decade ago, 54 percent of Democrats said government should do more to help the poor, and 45 percent of Republicans agreed. Today, there’s a huge 71-24 percent difference. In 1994, a virtually equal percentage of Democrats and Republicans felt that immigrants strengthen America. Today it’s a yawning 84-42 percent gap.

We can’t even agree on how a dog would wear pants if dogs wore pants, even though it’s obvious that only the hind legs would be covered.

And a final reminder: it’s Laurel.

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