LANSING, MI (CBSDFW/CBS LOCAL) — A Lansing, Michigan family got its dog back four years after it went missing, thanks to a microchip.

Bambi’s family was heartbroken when they could not find her. After a seemingly endless search, they feared the worst. But time passed and life for the Wieferich family went on, until they got a call from Lucas County Canine Care & Control in Toledo, Ohio.

“I actually thought it was a prank phone call,” Bradley Wieferich told the Toledo Blade.

According to the paper a clerk there described Bambi to the family and said the microchip confirmed the dog’s information. Toledo police had found her wandering the streets.

“She’s a little older, and just think of all the stories she could tell!” Lucas County Canine Care & Control posted on their Facebook page. “Who knows where she’s been the past four years, but we couldn’t be happier she finally made her way back home to Lansing and her loving family!” the post continued.

Microchip Reunites Family With Dog Four Years Later

Microchip Reunites Family With Dog Four Years Later (Credit Lucas County Canine Care and Control)

Bambi – whom the family acquired as a puppy – reportedly began running away after the family’s other dog passed away from cancer, prompting the family to get another dog to try and comfort her. It did not work.

But, now at 12-years-old, she is safe and sound, at home.

“This is just another great reminder about the importance of microchips and making sure your dog’s chip is registered and with current information,” the Facebook post continued. “It’s also a great reminder that if you find a stray dog that [you] get scanned for a microchip, because they may have a family out there who’s been missing them like crazy!” the post concluded.