METHUEN (CBS) – A man is in the hospital with serious burns after police say he caused his old school bus to explode in a quiet Methuen neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. The incident happened outside a home on Hitching Post Lane at about 4:00 pm.

Police say the bus was filled with propane tanks, a cut gas line, and lit cigarettes. They believe the man tried to blow the bus up in an elaborate suicide attempt but only successfully ignited fumes causing a flash fire. He fled the scene with serious burns to his face and head.

Police tracked down the man in Haverhill, roughly three miles away. He was transported to a hospital and a mental health evaluation was conducted on him.

bus3 Man Burned After Setting School Bus On Fire In Methuen

An old school bus exploded in Methuen (WBZ-TV)

Methuen Police Chief, Joe Solomon, says he was living in the bus in his family’s driveway. Solomon believes the incident could have been much worse.

“Definitely, if it had exploded with the propane, I believe it would have probably damaged and injured other people,” Solomon said.

The man could face charges pending the outcome of an investigation.


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