HOLLISTON (CBS) – Police officers searched a Massachusetts high school believing a student had reported a “bomb” in the parking lot. As it turned out, the caller had actually phoned police to report a “bong.”

The anonymous caller told police a Holliston High School student had a bomb in their car. As a result, the student parking lot was immediately cordoned off.

Police and school administrators were able to identify the anonymous caller and the student the call had been placed about.

When interviewed, the anonymous caller said they had told police the other student had a “bong,” not a “bomb.”

Simultaneously, officers were interviewing the student who was believed to have the explosive device. Police searched the student, along with their backpack, locker and car.

“The search of the student-suspect’s car confirmed the caller’s words were misunderstood,” police said.

After the search, the parking lot was reopened and school resumed as normal.

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