WATERTOWN (CBS) — Several utility poles and live wires were knocked over in Watertown midday Wednesday.

Police said a tractor-trailer had a clearance issue as it traveled down Main Street toward Waltham. The truck hit overhead power lines and kept driving, downing utility poles as it continued.

A downed utility pole near Main Street in Watertown damages a minivan (WBZ-TV)

People were asked to avoid Main Street and Waverly Avenue while crews clean the area. The area was reopened around 12:15 p.m.

A replacement pole was brought in but as of Wednesday evening, power had not been completely restored to the area.

Police Lt. James O’Connor said, “we’re lucky that no one was on the sidewalk or no cars were traveling by, so there were no injuries, which we are happy to report. The poles came down, the two poles — one behind me over my shoulder and one over here — live wires of course when the poles come down.”

A minivan at the scene appeared to be the only car damaged. No buildings or people were struck by the poles.

Owner of the minivan, Jonathan Chang, was working in a building nearby. He said, “It was like an earthquake happened in this building. The pole just fell on the back of my car. If I was in the car, maybe there would have been another story.”

A nearby dentist did lose power, though. The dentist was mid-extraction and was forced to send the patient to another oral surgeon so the job could be finished.

“We heard a loud noise and since the windows are on the side of the building we could see the pole come down, we saw the trailer go down the street, and then we lost power,” said Dr. Dan D’Amico of D’Amico Dental Care.

Police said the truck driver is not at fault.


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