By Paul Burton

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Chris Love of Cambridge is speaking out about the incident he had with Cambridge Police back in 2015 when they arrested him in his driveway. “I was screaming ‘don’t kill me’ because I was face down on my driveway with these people doing whatever they wanted so I thought I was going to be shot or possibly killed,” Love said.

Love says the whole thing unfolded when police tried to pull him over for expired tags. Instead of stopping on a busy street, Love decided to pull around the corner and into his driveway. That’s when several police responded to the scene.

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“I was hit in the chest with a baton and hits in the head and being held in all appendages,” Love said.

A witness heard Love screaming and called 911. “It looked like a pig-pile of seven to 10 people and I could just see his legs sort of sticking out totally motionless and I just kept screaming ‘that’s my husband he lives here,'” his wife Angela Petropoulous said.

Chris Love (WBZ-TV)

He was carted off to jail and was later found guilty of failing to stop for police but was acquitted of resisting arrest and refusing to provide a license.

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“Incredibly embarrassing and it has its repercussions to this day,” Love said. The experience was so traumatic the couple has filed a civil lawsuit against the city, accusing the officers of excessive force, assault and battery and emotional distress.

But most importantly they want to bring about change. “Complete anger and resentment toward the officers that did this, they have blown up our world and it’s just another day for them,” Angela said.

The 46-year-old art teacher has also expressed his terrifying ordeal in some of his latest work. “We are trying to make change and provide equity and voice for people in my scenario who are not as lucky as me to be able to share this,” Love said.

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Police and city officials declined comment on ongoing litigation. Meanwhile Chris and Angela are looking forward to their day in court.

Paul Burton