BOSTON (CBS) — A dog stolen while he sat in a running car waiting for his owner has been found safe and a suspect has been arrested.

Chief, an eight-year-old yellow lab, was found in the stolen car in Woodlawn Cemetery in Everett Monday, one day after he went missing. “It was like a sigh of relief,” Nese said after the reunion with her dog. “My main concern was that he was safe.”

Surveillance video shows a man allegedly stealing a car with a dog inside. (WBZ-TV)

Nese was also concerned because Chief needs certain medication.

Rosa Nese is reunited with her dog, Chief (Photo Courtesy: Rosa Nese)

Rosa Nese told WBZ-TV Sunday that she left her dog and keys in the car, which was on, while she went into the Saratoga Market in East Boston. In the time it took for Nese to buy a lottery ticket, someone was able to get away with her car.

Police say the suspect, 50-year-old David Brady of Boston, was arrested in connection with the theft of the car. He was taken into custody after a foot chase in East Boston Monday evening.

  1. Mary Goodwin says:

    Why would someone that loves their dog leave the car running. She is lucky. I hope she never does that again.

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