BOSTON (CBS) – A landing at Logan Airport was no laughing matter for one of the world’s biggest comedians. Kevin Hart was a passenger on a private jet that blew a tire while landing in Boston Thursday afternoon.

Hart, who was shaken up, shared video on Snapchat of himself walking across the tarmac after the incident. Hart was in Boston to attend Game 2 of the Celtics-76ers playoff game at TD Garden.

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Comedian Kevin Hart (Image from Snapchat)

The passengers were taken off the Gulfstream IV aircraft and it was towed back to the ramp. Hart said nobody was injured and their pilot “handled the situation perfectly.”

The FAA says the runway was closed temporarily while the debris was cleaned up, causing a ripple effect.

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Turbulence forced a United flight from Newark to land on the same runway Hart’s plane landed, but parts of the tire remained.

“When they figured out that there was debris on the runway and they were trying to adjust,” said Keegan Lester, a passenger on the flight from Newark.

As his pilot pulled up, Lester thought he was going to die. “I started texting all of my friends, if something happens just know that I love you,” Lester said. “It was really, really scary.”

Lester and Hart have something to smile about. Hart posted a picture of him and friends next to the plane that could have taken their life.

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Hart would go on to say in the Snapchat video that he feels like he’s protected. “Woooo! Your boy got angels on his back. I got real life angels on my back,” Hart said.