MARLBORO (CBS) – A dog is on the mend after getting struck twice by hit and run drivers on a highway in Marlboro. A passerby who saw what happened carefully scooped up the dog, took it to the hospital and says it’s a miracle the animal is alive. Officials just want to find the owner.

Lizzie Navin was back at work Wednesday evening with the dog on her mind. “I didn’t want to believe it,” she said.

It was Tuesday night and Lizzie was getting off Route 20 onto 495 in Marlboro. “That’s when I saw the dog coming head on at my car,” she said.

A dog was rescued after being struck by two cars in Marlboro (WBZ-TV)

She swerved to avoid the pooch, hopped out and tried to grab it, only to watch as it bounced off the fender of another car, staggered across Route 20 and got hit again.

“The worst part of it all is that neither car stopped,” she said.

Some other good Samaritans did stop, though, as the female poodle mix lay unconscious and bleeding in the road. “When she was rolled upside down her legs were in the air it almost looked like a stuffed animal,” she said.

Lizzie wrapped her in a sweatshirt and headed for the Tufts veterinary ER in Grafton. Incredibly, the vets found no serious internal injuries — not even a broken bone. But they also discovered she had no dog tags or microchip that might identify an owner.

Lizzie Navin rescued a dog that was hit twice by cars in Marlboro (WBZ-TV)

“She had a pink leather collar on with rhinestones and little pearls on it,” Lizzie explained.

Lizzie — and Marlboro Police — have reached out on social media. So far, without success.

“I would love for the family to find her because I can imagine the heartbreak that they’re feeling,” she said.

Why she was loose on Route 20 remains a mystery, but if no one steps forward to claim her, Lizzie gladly will. “She’s a miracle dog,” Lizzie said.


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