By David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) – A new restaurant opens in Boston on Thursday that is unlike any other.

At Spyce on Washington Street in Downtown Crossing, the cooks inside have no heart and no soul. But the owners certainly have big brains.

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“Something we learned in school. We did a lot of classes that involved robots doing different tasks,” said Brady Knight.

The owners of Spyce in Downtown Crossing. (WBZ-TV)

Knight is one of four MIT students who, along with chef Daniel Boulud, came up with the concept for a robot-run kitchen.

“The way our robot cooks it sort of uses a sautéing technique and it cooks a personalized meal for you in like 2.5 minutes,” said Knight.

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Robots create bowls at Spyce in Boston. (WBZ-TV)

Diners will order from a touch screen from a choice Morrocan, Thai, and Indian dishes. Add what you like, take away what you don’t, and then watch as the robots gather your ingredients and throws them in a hot pan.

Diners use a touch screen to order their meal, which is prepared by robots. (WBZ-TV)

Minutes later a human, who does all the veggie chopping by the way, hits it with some garnishes and a sticker with your name.

“You can get in line, order and be out the door in three minutes or less,” said Knight.

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Most bowls cost less than $8. George Jetson would approve.

David Wade