BURLINGTON (CBS) – An entire neighborhood is on edge after several vicious attacks by a fox that may have been rabid.

It was a frightening way to start the morning Tuesday. “I heard a little something behind me and I turn around and the fox just lunged at me,” said Jeanette Bowler.

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In desperation mode, Jeannette Bowler used a Wiffle Ball bat to fight off that fox.

Jeannette Bowler (WBZ-TV)

“I don’t know, it lasted like 60 seconds but it felt like forever just to try and fight the thing off because it just wouldn’t stop coming at me,” she said.

Bowler got away and called animal control, but shortly after, she heard a familiar sound. “Then I heard her screaming cause it was getting her,” she said pointing at her neighbor’s yard.

Those screams were coming from Alexandra Laverty and her daughter.

“I was kicking at it and swinging her backpack at it and trying to keep it away long enough for her to get into the house,” Laverty said.

Her daughter got inside safely, but Laverty did not. “It instantly like jumped onto my leg,” Laverty said.

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Burlington Police believe that fox had rabies.

Alexandra Laverty and her daughter (WBZ-TV)

“It wouldn’t give up. It was relentless. It was just at me, at me, at me like it just wouldn’t stop,” Laverty said.

Less than a mile away and about six hours later that fox was spotted in a shed where a third person was attacked.

“I was walking backwards watching him and his distance and I got to about here and I tripped,” said Marisa Donnelly.

That’s when the foxes teeth clamped down on Donnelly’s foot. After a struggle, she got away and called for help from a nearby officer.

“I’ve lived in this house over 25 years and I’ve never had a problem like this,” Donnelly said. “But today, he got me.”

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Shortly after Donnelly was attacked an officer found the fox. He found the animal who then charged at the officer. The officer fired his gun killing the fox. They are waiting on the results of the rabies test. Those who were attacked received rabies vaccinations.