WEST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – Police in West Bridgewater stopped 126 distracted drivers in just three hours on Tuesday.

Undercover officers and bicycle officers in full uniform stopped people that were not paying attention to the road.

During the three-hour period, 81 citations were issued. A total of 222 violations have been issued in the past five days. West Bridgewater Police Chief Victor Flaherty Jr. said the number of violations is “very unsettling.”

A West Bridgewater police officer pulls a driver over for texting while driving. (WBZ-TV)

Of the 126 stops made Tuesday, only four were West Bridgewater residents.

Most of the drivers were cited for texting, however, police say some were cited for streaming episodes of TV shows and movies, playing “Pokemon Go”, enjoying a PuPu Platter dinner, and FaceTiming.

West Bridgewater Police say they will continue to aggressively address the problem through both educational and enforcement options.

“It is our hope that people realize the inherent dangers distracted driving causes and that people need to ‘Just Drive,'” Chief Flaherty said in a Facebook post.

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  1. Ron Morse says:

    Every Town, Every Day this needs to be done, I’m a motorcyclist and we see it ALL DAY LONG, please start arresting them, maybe that will get the publics attention

    1. fotoflojoe says:

      Right on! I stopped riding because of this very cr*p!