LITTLETON (CBS) — Four people are in custody after a police chase came to an end in Acton midday on Tuesday.

The Littleton police chief calls all four suspects career criminals. The three men and one woman were led into court late Tuesday afternoon. Two were arraigned and the other two will be arraigned Wednesday.

Police say their silver Subaru led them on a chase through several towns after allegedly ripping off a Shaw’s supermarket in Groton.

crash3 Police Chase Ends With Car Crash In Acton

Suspect’s car crashed after police chase in Acton (WBZ-TV)

“They reportedly stole shrimp, steaks, things of that nature,” Littleton Police Chief Matthew King said.

The suspects have been identified as 31-year-old John Hickey of Everett, 27-year-old Dylan Brunetto of Billerica, 31-year-old Felicia Drew of Peperrell, and 28-year-old Gregory Tammaro of Groton. All four of them are career criminals and are well-known to police.

Hickey, the driver, is being charged on multiple counts.

hickey Police Chase Ends With Car Crash In Acton

Jon Hickey arrested after police chase (WBZ-TV)

The Subaru crashed into a pizza delivery car that was being driven by Everaldo Rosa, the owner of DiCapri Pizza. He was not hurt.

Wendy Ouellette runs a hair salon next to the pizza place. “It was pretty scary, right before that happened there was a woman walking her baby carriage down the sidewalk, and she heard it and I saw her kind of brace for impact and stroll away,” Ouellette said. “I made eye contact with her in a few minutes after and doubled checked that she was okay.”

actonchasecrash Police Chase Ends With Car Crash In Acton

Multiple cars are damaged after a police chase comes to a crashing end in Acton on Tuesday (WBZ-TV)

The suspects crashed on Route 111. The engine caught on fire and police pulled the four suspects out and cuffed them.

John Hickey was taking quite the risk by allegedly stealing seafood. He is being held on $2,500 cash bail and is scheduled to face a Superior Court judge in Woburn on Wednesday. The judge is likely to send him back behind bars for a while.

“The operator told officers that he was currently out on probation for armed robbery, possession of a firearm, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and that he was facing five to life if he was caught,” Chief King said.

WBZ went to Everaldo Rosa’s house and he assured WBZ that everything was fine as he waved from his porch with his dog Wimpy.


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