MARSHFIELD (CBS) – There was an incredible sight off the South Shore Monday morning – several whales enjoying the spring weather.

SkyEye captured two different whale pods. One was spotted off the coast of Cohasset. Two whales could be seen coming up for air.

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One of the whales coming up for air off Cohasset (WBZ)

Down in Marshfield, WBZ cameras spotted six whales together searching for food.

Two whales off Marshfield (WBZ)

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Marine biologists confirmed over the weekend that right whales were spotted off Brant Rock in Marshfield.

Right whales are endangered and it’s estimated that there are only about 300 left. They hang around New England waters in the summer and are named right whales because they were the “right whales to hunt” in the past.

“We may have a bunch of whales here, and might say ‘Wow look at all the whales,’ but what you’re really interested in is the trajectory of the population. Is it going down or going up? And everything points the population going down,” Dr. Charles “Stormy” Mayo, a scientist at the Center for Coastal Studies told WBZ.

Boaters are urged to be careful as the whales swim near the shore.

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“Fortunately, there’s a lot of whales. They bounce back and forth to slow boats down, but through education we’re hoping to maybe slow people down. The Coast Guard has been broadcasting and out there patrolling out here, as well. So the word is out to slow down around the right whales,” Marshfield Harbormaster, Mike DiMeo, said.