BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston wig store owner was dragged along the sidewalk after attempting to chase down shoplifting suspects.

Surveillance video shows two people looking at wigs inside Wig World Boston in Downtown Crossing. When the store’s owner approached them, the pair ran.

wigs Video Captures Shoplifting Suspects Scuffling With Wig Shop Owner

Suspects who allegedly stole from a Boston wig store. (Courtesy Photos)

The owner of Wig World was then seen on cell phone video in a scuffle with the shoplifters, who drag him along the sidewalk and punch him.

“When I asked if they needed help they just grabbed and ran,” said store owner James Han. “I didn’t want to fight them or hit them or anything so I just grabbed one of them.”

Han says this is the third time the thieves have targeted the store. Two of those incidents happened just this week.

Han suffered bruises and scrapes after the confrontation. He says he immediately contacted police. He’s hopeful the video will help police ID the suspects

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