By Beth Germano

BELMONT (CBS) – It was the door knock in the middle of the day that sent up a red flag for Nancy Derderian.

“He wanted to know if there was anyone else at home and it made me suspicious,” said Derderian.  It was a man in his 30’s claiming to be from the Belmont Water Department.

water lady Police Warn Belmont Residents About Water Dept., Paving Scammers

Nancy Derderian (WBZ-TV)

“He said the water was polluted and he wanted to check and see what that was about,” said Derderian. “I told him I have no problems with my water.”  When she said she’d get her husband to the door that ended the conversation.  “I was nervous because I kept seeing a car up the street,” she said. “He took off, he really took off.  He was looking around my house trying to case my house.”

It has Belmont Police patrolling the neighborhood and warning residents on social media it’s a scam just to get inside.

“We did call the Water Department and there were no problems and no employees were knocking on any doors at that time,” said Assistant Police Chief James MacIsaac.

It wasn’t the only attempted scam in the town.  Someone else was knocking on doors claiming they could repave driveways on the cheap.  Joyce Thevoice says a man told her he had extra asphalt from a previous job.

driveway lady Police Warn Belmont Residents About Water Dept., Paving Scammers

Joyce Thevoice (WBZ-TV)

“He said it cost three dollars a square yard,” said Thevoice.  She admits she thought that might be a good deal for the crumbling driveway until a neighbor said it was a scam and to call police.  “I think it’s to make a quick buck.  It’s not three dollars, it’s more, and you’re stuck and it’s halfway done.”

She never saw a company vehicle and the man took off in a huff when she said she’d consult her landlord.

“It was a wake up call for me to not assume someone is legit,” said Thevoice.

Police hope the entire community gets the same message.


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