CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – An investigation has been launched into the Friday arrest of a Harvard University student who was naked and reportedly on drugs after video allegedly shows an officer punching the man several times.

Boston News From WBZ

Around 9 p.m. on Friday, a woman called 911 to say Selorm Ohene, 21, had thrown his clothes in her face. Six other people called police to report the man.

UPDATE: Video Of Arrest Released By Cambridge Police

Cambridge Police say that when they arrived, Ohene was standing naked on a traffic island in the middle of Mass. Ave. People who were with him told police that Ohene had taken drugs that likely had a hallucinogenic effect.

According to a police report on the incident, Ohene was clenching both fists and walking toward officers. They opted to grab his legs and bring him to the ground.

Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern said video taken by an onlooker shows an officer punching the man, who is black, several times.

“What is shown in the video is disturbing. We have high standards for our police officers in Cambridge. In most cases, the extensive training of our officers go through results in the de-escalation of dangerous situations,” McGovern said in a statement. “When confrontations cannot be averted and include use of physical force, we must be willing to review our actions to ensure that our police officers are providing the highest level of safety for all.”

Ohene was taken to an area hospital for evaluation. Police say he spit a combination of blood and saliva at an EMT.

He is charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on an ambulance personnel.

“Because use of force was required in order to gain compliance from Ohene to avoid further injury to himself, the responding officers or any on-lookers, an internal review will be conducted by the department’s leadership and Professional Standards Unit, per policy of the department,” Cambridge Police said.

The Cambridge mayor said the investigation into the incident will be open to the public.

“We must learn from this incident and always strive to do better, but I want to be clear: my colleagues and I take these matters seriously, and will follow this closely to ensure that all the facts are properly investigated and that the public is informed of any and all developments,” McGovern said.

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  1. SORRY….. These people deserve ALL they get. They will go on doing crimes , drugs and gun robberies…..MOLLYCODDLE these miscreants and they will continue to be entitled idiots who continue to abuse the system then sue YOU for hurting THEM…..BULL SHIZ!. It is time they learned there is a proper way to act in society and if they misbehave…all bets are off. THERE NEEDS TO BE VERY STRONG DETERRENTS….but that will never happen will it?

  2. None of these libtards would have given a damn if the guy the cops punched was white.

  3. Tim Brew says:

    The police clearly violated this man’s 1st amendment right to rant incoherently while running naked through traffic.

  4. John Herman says:


    Not a Republican within miles.

    Hundreds of “affirmative axtion” junior communists who hate Trump in Cambridge, all ready to work in the State Department.

  5. Jon Jones says:

    punch him again after he comes down

  6. Roger Trox says:

    What would anybody do if a naked crazed man came at them with clenched fists?

  7. Jerry Snaper says:

    He was studying to help the poor people get repatriations! ( means enslave the whites)

  8. The needs to physically subdue it was obvious when it even tried to spit on th medical team unfortunately enough to have to deal with it.

    Best to have tasered it though perhaps from a PR point of view. As as soon as a police officer engages with a yardape, you know the media will make the criminal into the victim and the police into the criminal.

    It’s a messed up world – need to HEAVILY tighten up on benefits and other “Gibs” to try and encourage some of the feral ones to go back to Africa where they can lead their life THEIR way – go naked, screw anything you are stronger than, steal what you can….

    It is their nature, they can no more behave like civilised humans than a dog that has learned to walk on its hind legs can. you can better behaved ones and more feral ones – but almost all of them will behave “true to their roots” with VERY little provocation.

    Best to encourage them to explore the wonders of africa.

  9. It has been said: “The trouble with black culture is black culture”.hmmmm

  10. Rob Garland says:

    How is this even news? What did he expect was going to happen? The police did nothing wrong here.

  11. This young man is LUCKY HE WASN’T SHOT!

  12. Where’s Obama? We need some riots again of criminal thugs & miscreants against the police. Where have the useful idiot rioters gone? We need Obama!

  13. Admitted to higher education by affirmative action…

  14. If he had clenched fists, the officers would have to worry about what was in them, such as a knife or other weapon. Considering that, I’m inclined to side with the officers here-even though the video was not posted, which is odd considering that when there is video available it usually accompanies a story like this. So that makes me wonder about all the hand wringing? Is this a racial issue? Please, can it just be about the facts of the specific incident alone? because wouldn’t anyone acting that way be treated that way?

  15. Here we go again, creating another victim

  16. Susan Vue says:

    Affirmative action student high, naked and violent. He should be grateful he is still alive.

  17. Nothing like a punch in the face to get one’s attention. High or not. Color is not the issue here; but the permanent victims of identity politics only color or some other “identity.” What about personal responsibility? Gee, do some drugs and something went wrong! Imagine that !

  18. Wynn Wiz says:

    Each Black woman gets 1500 per each Kneeglet per month.
    That explains why so many Blacks have brand new BMW’s

  19. Sasha Morgan says:

    …wow… the comments…

  20. break his bones with the nightstick, have him apologize and then sen him back to where he came from, case closed. it works that way, this is the Harvard Law Review signing off for now

  21. Susan Bolle says:

    Sooo, he was hit. He and his family should be very grateful that he was taken down without being shot. Regardless of what color the individual is, it did turn out okay. Needs drug/mental rehab.

  22. If you are stupid enough to be stoned, naked and then fight with a Cop, you should expect them to play Wipeout on your head with night sticks. Friggin libtards

  23. He was looking for a Starbucks to buy a coffee. The Cambridge PD “behaved stupidly” the words of a famous Huvud grad.

  24. Here’s your next David Hogg type for CNN to fete.

  25. Why was his race mentioned? Was this to pander to blacks and attempt to manufacture another racial incident like the media always does?

  26. One of the major benefits of an Ivy League education these days

  27. So this student refuses directions by police who respond to varios calls about the student being naked. He is obviously fighting with the police trying to subdue him. So none of the student’s actions are considered outrageous by the critics but the police trying to subdue an obviously struggling and out of control individual is cause for outrage. So I guess after police politelly tried to talk this guy who was naked in public and who had assualted a fellow student by throwing his clothes at her and disregarded their lawful commands while acting eraticlly, they should have just left him alone.

  28. Ben Sutton says:

    Just think, next year this guy’s going to be a Harvard grad with the world as his oyster and you are all still going to be right here whining about “the blacks”.

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