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26.2. For marathon runners, this number is what they live for. 26.2 miles of adrenaline and perseverance. When your feet finally cross the finish line, you feel relief, accomplishment, and triumph—that is, until the post-race ache kicks in. After a race, even the most seasoned runners experience sore legs and feet in addition to full-body fatigue. In the past, runners have relied solely upon common recovery practices, like foam rolling, stretching, and icing the parts that hurt. Very few have addressed the feet, the place in the body where, ultimately, the recovery process should begin.

That all changed six years ago, when OOFOS, a company committed to fitness enthusiasts, runners, and athletes, created a product that would begin the recovery process in one of the most important areas of the body—the feet. OOFOS developed a pioneering technology that is transforming how people live life in between workouts. This technology is scientifically proven to reduce pressure on our bodies and joints when not exercising, as well as speed up the recovery process to make our bodies feel better overall.

Do you understand the impact on your feet?

Every day, whether we realize it or not, we put our bodies through detrimental physical stress. Consider that the average person takes anywhere between 8,000 and 13,000 steps per day. With each step, our bodies experience an added stress of three to five times their weight. Long-term, this uneven movement can throw off your balance and pose challenges to muscular longevity.

For runners and people who work out, this negative impact is even greater. Adding a good 55,000 steps to one’s daily average, marathons can take a real toll on the body. After strenuous activity—like a marathon—the body reacts by breaking down critical muscle tissue. While stretching, rest days, and other recovery methods can help minimize the repercussions, even well-trained bodies will inevitably experience “microscopic tears in their leg muscles,” which in turn cause the dreaded soreness.

Recovery starts here.

What can you do? Well, most long-distance runners use a training schedule and full-body stretching to prepare themselves to take on longer and longer distances. Proper nutrition and sleep also help optimize performance by giving your body the nutrients and daily recharge it needs to sustain itself during high intensity training. While all of this helps and the process itself is healthy, it doesn’t fully make up for those 55,000 extra steps and the damage they cause. Fortunately, OOFOS can.

OOFOS is the first company to focus solely on footwear recovery technology. Their shoes are biomechanically engineered with a proprietary foam technology—OOfoam—as well as a patented footbed, both expertly engineered to absorb your body’s impact and allow you to move through your natural gait cycle when walking. OOFOS is scientifically proven to reduce stress on your body when walking, so your muscles, tendons, and joints can relax and recover after runs, workouts, or a long day on your feet. Because of which, wearing OOFOS continuously will spare your body from painful and detrimental impact, which might otherwise get in the way of training and your overall physical comfort.

Now that we’ve addressed the ground-breaking technology that distinguishes OOFOS from other recovery footwear brands, let’s talk style. Most runners appreciate having shoes that not only make them feel great, but also feel uniquely theirs. OOFOS currently come in 12 women’s styles and six men’s, all featuring the same revolutionary, patented footbed. Beyond their recovery benefits, OOFOS are also machine washable, moisture-resistant, and incredibly lightweight, making them easy to clean and carry with you when traveling. OOFOS also offers a variety of styles, like shoes, sandals, and clogs—even a Limited-Edition 2018 Boston Marathon sandal. Plus, three percent of all sales, in addition to $10 from every pair from the Project Pink Collection on oofos.com, goes towards breast cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute—and OOFOS’ three-year, one million dollar fundraising goal. For these reasons, you’ll always feel extra good about your purchase.

You put your all into the race. Now, put it all into recovery.  

As a marathon runner, your brightest moments come when you’re feeling great. With OOFOS, you can finally say goodbye to the days of painful recovery and unhealthy physical stress, and say hello to feeling your best. Easy to incorporate into your daily life and made for any type of athlete, personal style, and climate, OOFOS help you take an active role in your recovery. While everyone else is racing to the finish line, with OOFOS, you can race into recovery.

Content Sponsored by and Provided by OOFOS


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