By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) — On Tuesday, the WBZ family lost one of its most talented and inspiring members.

A moving remembrance of Charlie was prepared by David Wade and ace producer Ken Tucci. I urge you to go to watch it in full.

You will learn about his impeccable work as a reporter at a time when he, Sarah Ann Shaw, and Walt Sanders were among a handful of pioneering African-American journalists paving the way for others, and about his profuse philanthropy, from organizing supplies for starving children in Africa to his work on behalf of the Special Olympics.

austin13 Keller @ Large: Remembering And Learning From The Life Of Charlie Austin

Charles Austin. (WBZ-TV)

I’ve often thought that we in the media should do more obituaries, beyond those of celebrities or of our own colleagues. One of the best ways to learn about life is to study the obits, seeing what people did that they are remembered for, and being inspired by the values they personified.

Charlie Austin is a case in point. His devotion to family and faith are at the heart of his story. Reverend Liz Walker credits him with setting her on a spiritual path.

Longtime colleague Nat Whittemore sums up the experience of knowing Charlie by saying, “You couldn’t ask for a man of finer character.”

What a way to be remembered.

austin3 Keller @ Large: Remembering And Learning From The Life Of Charlie Austin

Charles Austin. (WBZ-TV)

The few chances I had to be around Charlie, I was overwhelmed by his warmth and commitment to the cause of fighting prostate cancer. He is one of those people who you feel honored to have met, even in passing. His memory will be a blessing for all who knew him or knew about him.

Watch the obit, and you will feel as if you did.


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