BOSTON (CBS) — A Pepperell man says he got quite the scare when his JetBlue flight’s approach to Boston didn’t go as planned.

Charles St. Amand said he was returning from vacation with his family and as the plane approached the Logan Airport runway, he noticed something was wrong.  He thought Flight 2170 was just “seconds” from landing when “all of a sudden the pilot pulled up and the plane went up.”

“I thought we were just seconds from landing, but the pilot came on a few minutes later,” St. Amand said. “He said there was another plane on the runway and we decided to abort the approach.”

The radar trail from shows the plane approach the runway then suddenly make a loop around the airport before touching down.

The FAA now tells WBZ-TV that the flight did what is called a “rejected landing” about one mile from landing on Logan runway 27.

A flight comes in for a landing at Logan Airport (WBZ)

“I was nervous,” St. Amand said. “I don’t fly often and I know this happens once in a while.”

Charles is now glad to be back home, safely on land.

“Once the pilot explained the situation, I knew we were going to be OK,” St. Amand said. “I was just nervous, is there a landing gear issue?”

JetBlue has not yet commented on the incident.

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