BOSTON (CBS) – One person was killed overnight in a shooting not far from a South Boston school.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of a housing complex on Costello Circle late Thursday night. The victim, a man in his 20s, was taken to an area hospital but died a short time later.

shootingsouthie Man Killed In Shooting Near South Boston School

Police investigate a shooting in South Boston. (WBZ-TV)

No arrests have been made. The shooting took place a block away from the Condon School.

An area resident awoke Friday morning to discover damage to her car following the shooting. The rear windshield of the woman’s Kia was shattered.

car Man Killed In Shooting Near South Boston School

A South Boston resident’s car window was shattered by a bullet following a deadly shooting. (Image Credit: Nick Giovanni/WBZ-TV)

One woman said she saw two men running from the scene. She said she previously saw them sitting in a grey car that police eventually had towed from the scene.

“I knew something was wrong. Who sits there idling at that time of night with your lights off? I watched them from my window and they sat, and sat. I told my husband ‘Something’s not right with that,’” the woman said.

  1. bakedrunner says:

    What is the relevance of saying this shooting was near a school? Why does the media aim to create fear in people?

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