CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — While the first week of April weather may not have felt like spring, the season of spring cleaning is upon us.

Multiple nor’easters in March left many homeowners with tree damage, structural damage, and branches littering the yard.

springclean Spring Cleaning Tips For The Backyard That Is Done With Winter

Cleaning up tree branches and dead leaves after winter (WBZ-TV)

“It’s been a terrible April so far. But we’re starting to get back in the gardens,” said gardening expert Mark Saidnaway of Pemberton Garden Service Inc.

“What you’re going to find for a lot of people, they have lots of evergreens and with that heavy snow that we had in early March a lot of them took a lot of weight gain and they’re leaning or snapped in half,” said Saidnaway.

If you have evergreen damage in your yard, experts say adding a stake or supporting your evergreens will help keep them intact.

slantedtrees Spring Cleaning Tips For The Backyard That Is Done With Winter

A slanted evergreen (WBZ-TV)

Noticed a lot of brown leaves on your plants and bushes?

That is winter burn, according to Saidnaway. “Snow cover is a wonderful thing to have during the cold months because it helps protect the plants. But if there’s no snow cover, the cold winds can burn…What you can do is peel off these leaves and new growth will emerge.”

deadleaves Spring Cleaning Tips For The Backyard That Is Done With Winter

Leucothoe leaves (WBZ-TV)

“Fertilization, pruning, and hope for some nice new growth,” said Saidnaway.

Boxwoods are a common plant to suffer from winter burn.

We did find a few new buds sprouting among the debris, a sign that warmer temperatures are just around the corner.

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