WALTHAM (CBS) – The Brandeis University men’s basketball coach has been fired after the school investigated several cases of “preferential and discriminatory treatment, unprofessional behavior, and racially biased harassment.”

University President Ron Liebowitz wrote in a letter to the Brandeis community that last year the school investigated several complaints against coach Brian Meehan. Liebowitz said disciplinary action was taken.

brianmeehancrop Brandeis Basketball Coach Fired Over Complaints Of Discriminatory Treatment

Fired Brandeis men’s basketball coach Brian Meehan. (Image Credit: Brandeis University)

This week, a new complaint was filed against Meehan. He was placed on leave, and then fired.

“I am deeply disturbed by these complaints,” Liebowitz wrote. “I want to be absolutely clear: At Brandeis, there is zero tolerance for discriminating against any student, staff member, faculty member, or visitor because of their race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or any other aspect of their identity. You can and should read our official non-discrimination policy but this goes beyond policy.”

Liebowitz said the university is reviewing policies and procedures in light of the reported incidents.


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