BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – A Middleboro police officer was seriously injured when a training device exploded in his hands during a SWAT training exercise in Bridgewater.

The incident happened just after 11 a.m. while the officer was participating in a training session at MCI Bridgewater along with the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council SWAT Unit.

Initial investigation shows the officer was using a 37 mm projectile launcher that was loaded with training rounds. The launcher is used in SWAT operations requiring action such as as smoke screens, flares, noisemaker rounds, and “flash bang” style grenades.

During the exercise, the device exploded. Investigators believe the launcher malfunctioned.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the officer remains hospitalized. His identification has not been released.

“The officer was conducting high-level training as a member of our region’s vital SWAT unit when what appears to be a terrible accident occurred that left him with serious injuries,” Middleboro Police Chief Joseph Perkins said. “We wish our officer all the best as he receives treatment for his wounds.”

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  1. Pat Mitchell says:

    Get well sir. Terrible malfunction, could have happened to anyone holding it at that moment in time. Some of the other media was too vague, implying human error which is not the case. This sounds like a terrible malfunction. Perhaps they should switch to a different 37mm projectile? Perhaps wiith the smaller payload, only for training and have some fodder for effect. Terrible that someone has injuries during training. Good job cbslocal media.

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