By Bill Shields

BARNSTABLE (CBS) – There is growing backlash after an elected official on Cape Cod attacked a survivor of the Parkland school shooting.

Ron Beaty is a Barnstable County Commissioner. But if his elected position is low-key, Beaty himself is not. Recently, he has gone after David Hogg, the outspoken survivor of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Beaty has tweeted that Hogg is an insect and a socialist twit. “I think it’s unnecessary,” said one woman.

Barnstable County Commissioner Ron Beaty (WBZ-TV)

Beaty has asked if Hogg is a “two-bit punk” and people in Barnstable are concerned about their elected official.

“As somebody who is representing the county or in his position I think that he has to think a little bit more,” one man said.

Beaty has called Cape Cod Grandmothers Against Gun Violence “morons.”

David Hogg (WBZ-TV)

“I think it’s really innapropriate for a county commissioner to attack children over their opinions and their own personal experiences,” another woman said. “I think it’s out of line.”

One of Beaty’s fellow commissioners said he is just a schoolyard bully and is getting exactly what he craves, publicity. “I mean this with all due respect but I think that the media are enablers, when you look at Mr. Beaty’s past,” said Leo Cakounes.

In the 1990’s, Beaty served 14 months in federal prison for threatening President Bush. Beaty is now running for State Representative.

WBZ-TV reached out to Beaty for comment but did not hear back.

Bill Shields

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  1. Oh my God. How dare anyone have an opposing position to a high schooler.

    1. Ron Beatty has run for office on the Cape before and he is disgusting and insane. No normal person would listen to a thing he says. Ask Jeff Perry.

      1. Mark H Smith says:

        Dorothy, No normal person would disagree with Ron Beatty. Every word he said is 100% true. Hogg is merely a useful idiot of a highly organized alt-left propaganda machine. (You may need to research the term ‘useful idiot’ to fully understand what’s happening…)

      2. bdnsc says:

        Maybe so, but he is 100% right in this instance!

      3. CNN is disgusting and insane and no normal person would watch it.

      4. Joe Swartz says:

        So Dorothy, I guess you are OK with this:

        Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), in an appearance on The Ellen Show on Thursday, joked about killing President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, or Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

      5. what mark said actually. Dorothy gets her news from cnn and is likely a useful idiot herself.

      6. For you guys who are calling me a useful idiot and think I think Kamala Harris death “joke” about Trump is ok, please. I don’t care who says what about David Hogg. He’s a public figure at this point. But Ron Beaty is vile. He beat his wives, served almost two years in a federal penitentiary for threatening to kill a president, other officials and his wife. He made a big stink about another official parking in his spot when he wasn’t there, and he took it public like the guy tried to kill him or something. I live here. Ron Beaty is vile and disgusting, not because of his remarks, and not because he’s a republican. He is simply an awful human being. And for all of you who are wagging your fingers lecturing me, I’d take a look at yourselves.

      7. Jason Ledd says:

        YOU ARE NOT fooling anyone, media.
        H ogg is not a survivor.
        Go to youtube and watch his own mouth say he was at home, 3 miles away, when shooting was happening. Enough with all this f-ake news, already.

    2. This smarmy arse is not above making serious threats, what`s next? He already did time in prison for death threats. It`s not about opposing views, it`s about being a grown up and acting like a human being, preferably a decent one.

  2. Jim Wolfson says:

    Beaty is correct; Pigg is just a dumb little gullible fascist kid who was eating Tide Pods two months ago.

    I was on YouTube on Tuesday – that makes me a “shooting survivor” as well, and therefore an expert on public policy and the Constitution, right?

    1. That little soy boy wasn’t even at school during the shooting, now he claims victim status if anyone points out the stupidity of everything that comes out of his mouth.

      1. I saw the CBS video on YouTube where the kid said he was “at home” and rode his bike to the school to get some video. So, yeah, the kid is a sock puppet.

  3. Dave LaSorte says:

    Barnstable gave an accurate description of Hogg. Although I would have added “self-conscious, opportunistic, and whining.”

  4. Hogg can say whatever he wants. As soon soon as someone disagrees or points out a fact like he has an above average GPA but still cant get into college the world stops! OMG the travesty! Hogg is acting and speaking like and adult and expects to be treated like one….except when being a child is convenient…I.E. ‘Ingraham bullied me’

    1. Since when is a 2.5 average? Not where i come from.

      1. Hogg’s GPA is 4.2.

    2. Profanity laced tirades are what you consider acting like an adult?

  5. Tony Monti says:

    hogg is nothing but an attention w h ore

    1. Jerry Walton says:

      Hogg is nothing but a little Hitler-lite.

    2. Kurt Smith says:

      He probably is all these things everybody’s saying about him, but I’m still trying to get around that perfect upside-down 75-75-30 triangular head of his. Like something out of a Dr. Who episode. And that face – pure mean and ugly. But a triangular head, like I’ve never seen before. Alien?

  6. Doug Oritz says:

    Hogg is a twit that is seeking to profit off the death of 17 student kids and school staff. He is a stinking opportunist that was taking pictures of students hiding in fear of their lives while Hogg saw an opportunity for profit.

    Did he give those pictures away or are they copyrighted and you can use the images for a price? But what the heck Hogg can climb the pile of bodies for self aggrandizement and “talk and attack individuals like a man” but if anyone responds “they are picking on a kid”. Hogg is a little girly-man looking for attention.

  7. Alan Abel says:

    Just speaking TRUTH! Good for Ron Beaty. Trump2020.

  8. Perry Dice says:

    and here comes the apology 10, 9, 8, 7……..

  9. Hogg needs to be spanked into a coma.
    I bet his mommy is a pacifist.

  10. Hogg is a foul-mouthed, frontal lobe-deficient, useful idiot for the gun grabbers. He calls the NRA a “terrorist group”, altho not one of these mass shooters has ever been an NRA member. We NRA members should get a class action suit together and sue the little bas— . His mother needs to wash his foul mouth out with soap….

  11. hogg is either a “child” or a public figure. He acts like a public figure, but, when he is even mildly criticized, he turns into a “child”. He is a demagogue. That’s for sure

  12. Hogg is a little Nazi. He even looks like Joseph Goebbels. Those rallies looked like the Hitler Youth along with the salutes and arm bands.

  13. Vic Leemon says:

    Good for Mr. Beatty. Calling out young Mr. Camera Hogg for what he is.

  14. So, where do I vote? How is the vote going? If you don’t know what the vote count is, you can bet it’s going badly for Hogg. Is the 1st Amendment already gone? Without the 2nd Amendment we lose the other 9. Look at Venezuela right now. Meduro took their guns, seized permanent power, and now is returning guns to his friends. That’s the way of the world. Happens every time and our Founders knew that slaves have no weapons.

  15. The kid dresses like a Nazi, even has the mannerism of Hitler. If you look at the old Hitler films it looks like it could be this kid in the making. Liberals better know this Hitler-in-training had his 15 min of fame.

  16. Paull Cudak says:

    What was wrong with what he said? BESIDES THE TRUTH!

  17. Scott Conway says:

    The way the moron wrote this “news” article is a perfect example of opinion journalism masquerading as standard reporting.

  18. Al Cackowski says:

    “I think it’s really inapropriate for a county commissioner to attack children over their opinions and their own personal experiences,” another woman said. “I think it’s out of line.”

    …but it’s OK for him to attack my experiences and opinions?

  19. Hogg looks just like the YouTube shooter, only more effeminate.

  20. Being lectured by people who eat Tide Pods and snort Condoms does not instill confidence.

  21. Gerg Steven says:

    Thanks Ron, for speaking truth to power.
    The media used to do that.
    No more.

  22. Bob Ho says:

    Hogg is one of the teen-hate bullies that harassed a mentally ill kid to the point he committed murder. It is no wonder when the networks promote hate and crime with shows that glorify hate like Mean Girls… hey, make a hero of a guy cooking meth! it will be great for sales!

  23. Backlash for what? Telling the truth? Well, that is always anathema to Liberals.

  24. Everyone is sick of this brat. If he acted like he wanted to DISCUSS the issue it would be different but he’s an immature brat throwing a tantrum.

  25. Doug Day says:

    This is a Marxist tactic of putting up “protected classes” to message with who are impervious to attack because of said “protected” status. We see through it, he is a twit (or worse) and I applaud the Commissioner.

  26. Camera Hogg is NOT a “survivor.” He didn’t get shot at. He never saw the shooter.

    If he’s a “survivor,” then we are all “survivors.”

  27. Joe Benjamin says:

    “There is growing backlash after an elected official on Cape Cod attacked a survivor of the Parkland school shooting”

    Have you, Mr. Shields, EVER used the word “attacked” to describe the insults this 18-year old (not a “child”) has directed at those he disagrees with? When this high school oracle called Marco Rubio, and those who disagree with him, murderers, did you ever, in print or elsewhere, call that an attack? Seems to me that’s pretty much exactly what that is. You are nothing but a hypocritical, propagandist, Goebbels wannabe, I don’t know how you people sleep at night.

  28. Hogg deserves whatever he gets, he lied about being in class when the shooting happened. He is lying for his handlers at the De Molay lodge.

  29. This man is a champion. Hogg is a tool of the left, the members of which will, as always, wind up with egg all over their faces.

  30. I personally wish nobody would talk about Hogg because it just feeds him the attention he craves, but since he’s been brought up again… the fact is, Hogg is 18 now — an adult. Yet he insists on playing this “I’m just a kid!” game when it suits his purposes. Hogg has called people “pathetic f***ers” and “child murders” with “blood splattered on their faces.” So he’s not exactly innocent here either.

  31. Hugh Tjardon says:

    The left’s mantras always has something to do with “the children”. This little snot-nose fits right in.

  32. Camera Hogg is a creation of the Chicken Noodle News and other Leftist organizations that are using these mush heads as human shields to advance their unpopular agendas.

  33. Are we supposed to ignore that Hogg really is acting like a two-bit punk?

  34. Ha. Hogg is a “survivor” of the shooting because he wasn’t in school when the shooting took place!

    He is not a victim of the NRA either but a victim of the leftist indoctrination which is so rampant in our public schools.

  35. Eskyman says:

    Ron Beaty is an honest man! He described the loathesome Camera Hogg accurately and precisely, and we need more honest men in government! As for Hogg, that creature should crawl back under whatever rock he was found under. His 15 minutes of fame are over!

  36. carac100 says:

    Hogg viciously attacks his political opponents, calling them child murderers, and the media makes him a star. If someone dares to hit him back for being the ignorant, pompous twit he is, the media screams, “You can’t criticize him because he’s a child and a school shooting survivor” (even though both claims are questionable). The left hides behind children and victims because its totalitarian ideas are so unpalatable.

  37. I don’t know anything about Ron Beaty and really couldn’t care less about him; however, he has the right to free speech. David Hogg also has the right of free speech but does not have the right to go unchallenged. I, personally, think Mr. Hogg is being used by anti-gun advocates and he loves the limelight and his 15 minutes of fame. I don’t know if he believes in the rhetoric he is spouting but I don’t see him as an expert in the firearms.

  38. Mike Siroky says:

    David Hogg may be a lot of things, but one thing he is NOT is a Parkland shooting survivor. By his own testimony, he wasn’t in school at the time the shooting took place. He arrived later in the day when it was all over.


  40. Lee Boyland says:

    Hogg is a “survivor” because he was not at the school when the attack occurred. What he is is a rabble-rouser and wannabe little Hitler–that’s why progressives love him.

  41. CM Rook says:

    Mouthy children need to be corrected. What’s the problem? Hogg is a fool and put himself in that light.

  42. rufusvondufus says:

    That little pansy creep is not a child, he is a two-bit high school punk who needs his ears pinned back and I do not doubt that that is exactly what will happen to that liberal puke sometime in the near future.

  43. Regarding HOGG….when does victim-hood bestow moral authority. If he wants to be out there, rallying his cause, he needs to take the criticism. You play in the big boy sandbox, you get dirty.

    1. bookaholic930 says:

      Very well said.

  44. Mike France says:

    Let’s see… someone trolls you on twitter and you get upset and tell the world. Then the person apologizes to you.

    Then you don’t accept the apology and work to get the person fired using your powerful friends in the news media to cut off their revenue stream.

    Now, who is the bully again Mr. Hogg?

  45. Jon Huinker says:

    And the truth shall set you free.

  46. bookaholic930 says:

    Just because Hogg was in the vicinity of a shooting does not make him God and immune to criticism.

    Half the time he presents himself as a know-it-all, but a whiff of criticism and he transforms into an outraged, whining child. Hogg is extremely foul mouthed and spouts leftist lines with ease. He’s noxious; I can’t watch or listen to him. It was probably unwise to express his thoughts as he did, but gotta say, my sympathies are with Beatty.

  47. blorjr says:

    If this guy was wishing ill on Trump or Conservatives he would be hailed as a hero of the left.

  48. “Growing Backlash”??? Total Fake News CBS!

  49. Hogg was whining about college not allowing him to enroll when his SAT was 1273..not quite a blithering idiot, but it wont get you in top schools.Consider mine was 1578 out of 1600; and I chose Baylor after 38 other offers; but ultimately ended up at University of Texas.
    So I gave him grief over twitter..hes a pointy headed pencil d(i)cked geek.

    More to the point Hogg is an uneducated hi school twit; and the alt left is going to let him speak for him… of course they are all trolls too. Sheesh, how this country has degraded since the 70’s 80’s…

  50. Anytime anyone challenges Lil’ David Hogg, the news media acts like he is a war hero who survived being shot at. Hogg is called “Parkland School Shooting Survivor”.

    Hogg was never fired at or injured. Nor is he a hero. He is a little boy who repeats talking points formed by others. That is all the punk is.

  51. Chuck Dewey says:

    Hogg is not a shooting survivor. By his own admission, he was at home when it started

  52. I totally agree – Hogg is a first class twit !

  53. Why do you call him a survivor? He wasn’t at school that day.

  54. Almost makes me wish I lived down the cape so I could vote for this guy. That Hogg kid is a fraud.

  55. lysolmotorola says:

    He is either a child – not to be criticized – or he is not. If he ism, then why the heck is anyone other than his parents listening to him. If he is not a child then he should be able to take what comes his way.
    In my opinion he is nothing but a glory hound, a tool of the media/progressive cabal of gun grabbers, who has over stayed his 15 minutes of fame.

  56. Donny Dingle says:

    Hogg, if you are going to play being a big boy you are going to have to take big boy insults without crying.

  57. He’s not a survivor unless he was shot. He’s not a witness unless he was there. Hogg is just a dumb little loudmouth kid who’s spent the majority of his formative years listening to far left wing propaganda and believing it to be true.

    He is a creation of the left wing extremist media, a faithful little commie.

  58. Wow lots of cowards on this forum terrified of a child. And they call liberals snowflakes.

  59. Hogg is an 18 years old two-bit punk!

  60. Maggie Spray says:

    Why is this bad. Ann Coulter wrote about this years ago in one of her books. Liberals love rolling out “victims” so they can’t be challenged. This story is example #1. But saying he “attacked” Hogg is a bit overstating it. Good grief. It’s called free speech people. Hogg and his liberal snowflake handlers aren’t the only ones afforded the 1st amendment right.

  61. Bill Meyer says:

    Children are crying, absolve the government of all blame, seize the guns, and burn the constitution, STAT. ;-0

  62. Well, just stretching a little further than the unctuous media Hogg – we ALL survived the Parkland shooting, didn’t we? He was in about as much danger as all of us were that day.

  63. Tomas Cruz says:

    Our media continues to call him a survivor? He wasn’t shot or in the same building as the shooter and he was to busy hiding under his desk to know what was happening.

  64. Tom Adkins says:

    Hogg cannot be a nasty little political operative and a sweet little victim at the same time.
    He is disrespectful at best, mean vindictive and vile at worst… which is almost always.
    So… he entered the public arena, said a lot of very stupid and ignorant things…
    Now take your whipping, sonny.

  65. Hogg wasn’t even there when the shooting started! He is part of the bully mentality that his head-shaved comrade even admitted cold have a a lot to do with the shooter snapping when he did. And Hogg is too ignorant to know that the gun-grabbing propaganda he’s spewing is nothing but lies. What a pathetic twit. No wonder he can’t get into a decent college!

  66. Samuel Green says:

    I have one simple question for David Hogg; HOW MANY FIREARMS were in the Hogg family the day of this tragedy?

    …Being that young David’s father worked for the FBI and all. It would be very unlikely a ex FBI person would be unarmed at home.
    When David the hypocrite Hogg grows up and of legal age to vote, then his opinion can be counted.

    Until then, children cannot vote for a reason, and that reason is they are naive and think they know everything.

  67. Emoh Nur says:

    This is the kid that was hiding in another building when this thing went down, right ? You mean that brave courageous kid , right ? You mean that little twit, right ? Tell me the difference between this kid and a twit.

  68. Jeff Gibson says:

    Why is David Hogg called a “survivor”? He wasn’t even at school that day. Wasn’t he at home, taking his “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”?

  69. San Tan says:

    Hogg has done more to increase gun sales then any human being in history. Gun sale go up even higher every time that idiot is on TV..

  70. Mark Mach says:

    He’s right. This kid is not commenting as a survivor, he’s commenting as an advocate. Referring to advocate Hogg, Beaty is entirely correct.

  71. Joe Irish says:

    Ad Hominem. 1. Attacking a kid is ridiculous. It makes the attacker look like an ass. 2. These kids are basically untouchable right now due to the school shooting.

    The Right needs to stop attacking the kids. It makes them look tiny and petty. Instead, attack the argument. Discredit the argument. This is more effective than losing an unopposed race in Maine.

    The bottomline is this: Gun laws worked. There were hundreds of failures BEFORE the kid bought a gun. 18 USC 922 would have flagged him IF it had been used. Had the mental health professionals done their duty. The cops and others LE done theirs, instead of writing it off.

    But that isn’t the easy answer. It seems the easy answer is to attack kids. The kids are being fed their arguments. They are too organized (teenagers can’t even get themselves to school on time, let alone organize these protests).
    Their arguments are flawed. Show the flaws. Expose the flaws. Then their whole argument becomes moot.

  72. Hogg is not a “survivor”. He is a student at the school. Big difference. By that logic, I am a survivor of 9/11, several wars, many tornadoes, etc.

  73. Hogg likes to dish out the nasty slurs and yet he cant take it in return? Thats not the way it works…

  74. Typical left, come out swinging, blaming everything and everyone but the actual shooter, then when people start to fire back they cry foul.. look dont come out punching people who had nothing to do with the shooting, hell Hogg himself has said he was not at the school.. he is a lying jack wagon left pawn. Part of why Trump won is because people are tired of being silenced by the idiotic left, they are tired of lame GOP backing down and cowering, so good for Beaty in calling Hogg out for what he is.

  75. Gators gotta eat, too…skin this little fruitloop alive and dump his frail lifeless body in the Everglades.

  76. Steve Hansen says:

    Backlash for saying the truth? Oh right, we’re now in the Snowflake ERA.

  77. David Moore says:

    That Beatty guy kinda reminds me of a beached baby Pilot Whale I once encountered…

  78. Be careful. You’ll just invite an attack by Hogg which is the same as unleashing the anti-American Soros machine. Not “like” but exactly the same.

  79. Casey Myers says:

    That Hogg kid thinks he has carte blanche and he can attack adults without repercussions. He’s a stooge for the radicalized leftists and he’s open game. You can’t attack people and call them murderers without blowback.

  80. I totally agree with Ron Beaty. This kid is enjoying his 15 min of fame while being used by the Left as a propaganda tool. By the by, he’s just one of 2,972 students who survived the events at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas HS. There are many other students with a point of view totally opposite to his who don’t get any coverage from the mainstream media.

  81. Buddy White says:

    He is not a survivor of the shooting. To be a survivor, he would have to be at the school when this tragedy happened. He wasn’t there. I heard him say in one interview that he didn’t go to school until he heard about the shooting on TV. Then, he got on his bike and went to the school and arrived 90 minutes after the shooting stopped. On another show, when asked a question, he stalled and stuttered and finally turned his head and told someone behind him that he forgot his LINE.

  82. Joey Smith says:

    “I think it’s really innapropriate for a county commissioner to attack children over their opinions and their own personal experiences,” another woman said. “I think it’s out of line.”
    Poor little Hogg. He should be allowed to fervently express his opinions with no opposition. He’s just a little child. Don’t attack him.
    – NOT! Attack this little political pigure like there is no tomorrow. If you choose to enter into the political arena you can”t claim immunity from criticism. In fact, the more he invokes poor little me, the more we should attack him.

    For sure, I’d really like to hear his story about what his experience was from inside the school, where he was, what he did, and what he felt.

  83. Andre Paquin says:

    Hello from Canada.

    Yes for all three. What do I win for getting all three of the questions right?

    Libs don’t like to be reminded that they were with Hillary, whenever their chosen standard bearer is filmed rolling around like a drunken sloth and spewing her lib/prog nonsense.

    Can you imagine the devastation to humanity if Hillary Reject Clinton’s Obama sanctioned coup d’etat had worked and she had tag teamed her corruption with my bizarre beta male pajama boy Prime Minister’s absurd alternate reality lib/prog utopia?

    America and the Free World dodged a huge bullet by not letting that Clinton creature steal the US elections, and for that,

    Humanity owes Trump voters a great debt of gratitude.

  84. Alan W. Du says:

    David Hogg is NOT a Parkland School shooting survivor!! STOP CALLING HIM ONE!~ He wasn’t even there. All David Hogg is, is a PAID crisis actor/tool of the gun grabbers (Whose mother works for CNN).

  85. “Hogg, a student journalist and member of the school’s news show, recorded interviews with his peers inside the school as it remained locked down. The Miami Herald published that footage Feb. 15, which shows Hogg asking his fellow students about their views on gun control.

    “Time also published a video on Feb. 15 that was recorded by Hogg during the lockdown. In it, Hogg says ‘it’s 2:52’ and that he ‘heard one gunshot.’ (The shooting reportedly occurred from 2:21 p.m. to 2:28 p.m., and the lockdown was lifted at 3:36 p.m.)”

    Posted for those saying Hogg wasn’t at the school during the shooting. I basically hate the skinny little puke, but it looks as if he WAS at school during the shooting.

  86. The horror! Someone with a contrarian opinion? Let’s line this guy up against the wall!

  87. 6 months from now, long after everyone has forgotten his name, David “Camera” Hogg will be in the news again after dying of asphyxiation trying to snort a laundry detergent pod stuffed condom in an attempt to make a viral video to get back to his glory days of being a useful tool for for the progressive left. Tens of people will attend his candlelight vigil at Marion Bary Stonewall Degenerate high school weeping and stating “We hardly knew ye!”