HOLBROOK (CBS) — A man accused of breaking into a Holbrook home over the weekend appeared in court Monday after infrared cameras on a helicopter helped lead to his arrest.

Holbrook Police said Daniel Madden, 32, of Avon, used a rock to smash the glass door of a home on Hamilton Way just after 2:15 a.m. on Saturday. Jeff Petersen and his wife and child were asleep inside the home at the time.

“My wife got up, came out of the room, guy had come up the stairs, she screamed at him,” Jeff Petersen said. “Then he was coming back up when I came out, I screamed at him, essentially, ‘get out of my house.'”

Madden ran off without taking anything. Petersen said there were bloody footprints up and down his stairs. “It was all maybe two minutes, it seemed like an awful lot longer,” Petersen said.

Police officers, K9s, and a State Police helicopter with infrared cameras were able to track Madden down at a nearby construction business in Brockton where he was hiding.

Police believe Madden was under the influence of drugs and had been running through the woods beforehand because he was dressed in only a t-shirt and boxers and covered in scrapes and cuts that were bleeding, they said.

In court, Madden faced charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime for a felony, and malicious destruction of property.


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