CHARLESTOWN (CBS) — It was a full house on the deck of the USS Constitution Sunday morning.

Crew members led dozens in a non-denominational sunrise service followed by the “observance of morning colors” on Easter. For many, the experience blended family tradition with a sense of history.

“It makes you think about the history of the ship we walk by every day on our morning walks. And yet, it’s always such a special sight to see,” said Nancy Stewart of Charlestown.

“What a way to start the Easter day, it was great. Sitting there on the historic boat and looking up at the riggings and praying– very nice,” said Stewart Murphy.

The service was special for members of the crew as well. “One of the beautiful things about the Easter service is that this is a wonderful opportunity for the Charlestown and the Boston residents to come down and share a moment,” Captain Nathaniel Robert Shick said.

The ship will also be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday for tours.


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