TEWKSBURY (CBS) – A Texas couple found with an arsenal of high-capacity weapons in their Tewksbury hotel room were “waiting for a mission, the apocalypse, some kind of civil unrest,” a prosecutor said in court Friday.

A judge ordered Francho Bradley, 59, and Adrianne Jennings, 40, both of Frisco, Texas, held without bail during a dangerousness hearing in Lowell District Court, after authorities seized large capacity firearms, a machine gun, ammunition, and tactical gear from their hotel room.

texas couple Couple With Weapons Arsenal Waiting For A Mission, The Apocalypse

Francho Bradley, 59, left, and Adrianne Jennings, 40, both of Frisco, Texas. (Tewksbury Police photos)

Prosecutors said Tewksbury Police received a call from Bradley shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday, when the Texas man told police he believed his room at the Residence Inn in Tewksbury was being broken into. He told police that a video surveillance device that he had attached to his door had cut out.

Authorities subsequently found multiple weapons including an AK-47, an AR-15 with a grenade launcher, ammunition, large capacity feeding devices and infernal machines.

“He truly seems to have this idea himself that he’s waiting for a mission, the apocalypse, some kind of civil unrest. It’s not clear,” prosecutor Daniel Harren said.

firearms Couple With Weapons Arsenal Waiting For A Mission, The Apocalypse

Weapons and ammunition found in the hotel room. (Tewksbury Police)

He also told police that he needed the weapons because he was on a secret mission for the government.

“He’s been trying and has been working to try to get the Department Of Defense to embed him with the troops to see how this equipment he’s developed will work in conjunction with the troops,” Defense attorney Robert Normandin said.

Bradley and Jennings allegedly drove to Massachusetts from Texas with the weapons.

Jennings’ attorney says her client works for Wells Fargo remotely and is also taking classes online at Harvard Extension School and is no danger to anyone.

“Clearly she was aware of the weapons in the room. That is not enough… It’s not a crime in the Commonwealth,” Defense attorney JoAnne Daley said.

Even though some of the weapons were only props, the judge did not budge and both will remain behind bars.

A ballistics test by State Police of the high capacity firearms, ammunition and the bump stock found at the scene, determined that the weapons are operable. Authorities also recovered multiple vests, helmets and other tactical gear in the room.

Bradley allegedly provided investigators with information that the gear was for a mission and furnished identification including a fraudulent Department of Defense Badge.

A preliminary investigation found that Bradley was employed by a Cambridge company, in the area where he received multiple parking tickets that were recovered in the room. Both Bradley and Jennings were working while they were staying at the Residence Inn in Tewksbury.

While investigators have not uncovered a specific plot or wider conspiracy, an investigation by local, state and federal authorities is ongoing.

Bradley and Jennings are charged with multiple counts of possessing a large capacity firearm, multiple counts of possessing a large capacity feeding device, multiple counts of improper storage of a large capacity firearm, one count of possessing a firearm without a license, one count of possessing ammunition without a license, three counts of possessing an infernal machine and possessing a machine gun (bump stock).

Bradley and Jennings were both arrested on Saturday. Both were arraigned Monday in Lowell District Court.

They are due back in court on April 26.

Comments (35)
  1. Nott Inuse says:

    those were NOT the faces i expected to see! haha

  2. Wil Saint says:

    What.. exactly what this man’s crime? He’s obviously eccentric but you can’t deny someone their second amendment rights by labeling them “dangerous” because they have guns. That completely nonsensical.

    1. tngilmer says:

      So much for the Revolution being let by Massachusetts in 1776. Nowadays, the British would have no problems winning if they attacked Massachusetts first. They would surrender like they were French.

    2. His big mistake was that he ended up in Assachusetts.

    3. Neal Atkins says:

      Go gotta remember Mass TAX a chusetts is a SLAVE STATE. Everything not required is outlawed. I imagine they are working on setting up “travel permits” and requiring gun owners to sew little yellow 6 pointed stars on their jackets.

    4. Lewis Goudy says:

      The Second Amendment doesn’t cover infernal machines, merely arms.

  3. He sounds like a delusional bump head but I fail to see what law was broken.

    1. Please read the article all the way thru and you will answer your own question.

    2. Tewksbury is in MA. you have to have a permit to own any gun. Most of what they had was not compliant with any MA law either. Should have stayed in TX and everything would have been OK as long as they had NFA paperwork for the full auto and silencer. Would be legal here in GA too and 37 other States. 39 States allow any NFA weapon with proper Federal paperwork.

  4. Wow, two knuckle heads in a row replied. Whats the crime and I fail to see. Both of you should go back and read the last paragraph. Then you will now what the crime is and hopefully the other person will open their eyes this time.

    1. In many states what he had is not illegal. Ammunition unlicensed, since when is that a law in a sane place? In my county that wouldn’t arouse any one.
      This is due to Massachusetts having really bad gun laws. Why live in a place like that.
      And calling a bump stock a machine gun, seriously ?? these people are digging to make bad laws.
      AH well. As one person said, 1776, they would simply give up.

  5. Another government sponsored false flag attack that did not happen the way they wanted.

    1. The only way you would know I was going to write about it was. Someone told you.

  6. J.r. Burton says:

    “Infernal machine” – I had to look it up: 2006 Massachusetts Code – Section 102A. Infernal machine; possession; definition; notice of seizure.

    Section 102A. Whoever, other than a police or other law enforcement officer acting in the discharge of his official duties, has in his possession or under his control an infernal machine or a similar instrument, contrivance or device shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than ten years or in jail for not more than two and one half years, or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment, and the said machine, instrument, contrivance or device shall be forfeited to the commonwealth. The term “infernal machine”, as used in this section, shall include any device for endangering life or doing unusual damage to property, or both, by fire or, explosion, whether or not contrived to ignite or explode automatically and whether or not disguised so as to appear harmless. Notice of the seizure of any such machine, instrument, contrivance or device shall be sent forthwith to the commissioner of public safety and the article seized shall be subject to his order.

  7. I’d like to see a closeup pic of one of those “infernal machines”.

  8. A ‘Bump stock’ is NOT a machine gun. In fact, it does nothing to alter the machine’s rate of fire. At all. Its a red herring, and here is why.

    To ‘bump fire’ a weapon you pull it out from your shoulder and do NOT pull the trigger. Instead all you do is hold your trigger finger firm. As you pull the weapon forward the trigger is depressed. The recoil from firing releases the trigger, and you continue to pull forward. Repeat. Any semi-auto weapon will perform this action, with or without a sliding stock. Accepting this ‘bump fire = machine gun’ notion by definition makes every semi auto rifle and shotgun a machine gun. Laughable.

    The difficulty with ‘bump fire’ is that by pulling it away from your shoulder you lose control over the firing cone. A sliding stock allows you better control of your shots by keeping the rifle fixed to your shoulder while you pull forward. Without the stock, bump fire will hit areas, not targets. No sliding stock means you can still, say, hang out of a hotel window and fire into a crowded area, but not put rounds into an intended target.

    Making guns less accurate does not equate to saving lives. All hyping ‘bump stock = machine gun’ does is offer a line of attack that takes advantage of people’s fear of something they do not understand.

  9. So…bump stock is machine gun, it’s illegal to have a high capacity firearm (whatever that is….usually the magazine is the capacity part, majority of weapons shoot one bullet at time) and owning ammo is illegal? That place is crazy, with equal crazy crime http://www.areavibes.com/boston-ma/crime/

  10. Dan Roth says:

    Just remember that this is Democrat paradise Massachusetts where they outlawed stun guns until the Supreme Court told them ‘no’ in Caetano vs Massachusetts, the case that nobody ever talks about that defines guns protected by the Second Amendment as “any bearable arm”. That’s anything but a tank. Read it! It’s a 2016 case.

  11. I think he was just investing in free room & board, medical and dental and cable TV. I am curious though. Were there any grenades to match the launcher? Uhmm. Maybe we should make a law.

  12. What nonsense… There’s what? less than 10 guns pictured with a handful of standard 30 round magazines. I don’t see anything these people did wrong? The totalitarian Democrat gunphobes are starting their run on the Second Amendment and firearm confiscation.

  13. Well, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts stomps on the Second Amendment again. These folks are a bit eccentric, but at this point are political prisoners.

  14. Sam Huston says:

    ” high-capacity weapons” Clueless libs just make it up as they go along.

  15. Doug Day says:

    Mass is so liberal even the militia types are multi-culti…

  16. Steve Hollar says:

    Wasn’t exactly sure what an infernal machine is so looked it up. Still not 100% sure. Anyway, what exactly did they do wrong? It even says some of this stuff was just props. Sounds like a liberal freak out to me.

    1. Mike Burns says:

      I have a lawn mower that will not start when the engine is hot. It is an infernal machine !

  17. Joe Waldron says:

    Condemned for exercising their Second Amendment rights in the home of the Second Amendment. I thought you guys learned this lesson 244 years ago. Maybe they were there to celebrate the April 19th anniversary of Lexington.

  18. John Elijah says:

    Waiting for the apocalypse?? Don’t worry folks, he’s not insane, he’s just religious.

  19. lol that not arsenal I got more than that behind the seat of my truck but that is also why i stay away from slave states

  20. Samuel Green says:

    Almost everything on the table is legal to own in his home state of Texas. But he has two problems;

    A: He may be bat @@it crazy…..!!

    B: Mass. gun laws are tough. Just possession of a unregistered pistol gets you one year in jail. I moved out of Ma. as I’m a retired soldier, and my service was to protect our Constitutional values. My sidearm post service stopped and armed home invader. I believe people should be able to protect themselve. Lots of crazies out there, this guy might be harmless, but he’s certainly crazy.

    Believe it or not, that M203 grenade launcher is perfectly legal to own in most states as it doubles as a flare launcher. He clearly had M203 flares on that table. (Thank God he didn’t have real grenades)

    The good news is that I am 100% certain the state will destroy all his ammo, all his flares and smoke grenades. He will likely lose all his firearms and everything else he had.

    At the end of the day, this democrat retired soldier is glad this particular guy doesn’t have a firearm until his competency is determined by a psychiatrist, and not just on the word of his attorney.

  21. They are BLACK! That means if any Liberals say anything about them, the are RACISTS. Don’t Liberals know you can’t blame black people for anything. OMG anti gun Liberals are RACISTS. If you take those guns away from them, you are a RACIST.OMG BLM. RACIST Liberals, RACIST Liberals, RACIST Liberals.

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