BOSTON (CBS) – For some driving schools, the new computer system that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles rolled out this week caused delays for eager students trying to get their license.

“We go into the registry system and it prevented 35 of those students that are expecting to go on April 7, and tells us that we can’t schedule them for a test,” said Christopher Agganis, owner of Agganis Driving School.

agganis e1522371323173 RMV Computer Upgrades Cause Major Delays For Young Drivers

The Registry of Motor Vehicles’ new computer system put the brakes on the test for some students at Agganis Driving School. (WBZ-TV)

Agganis used to pre-schedule tests so that students could take them as soon as they’re legally able when they turn 16 1/2.

He said that students can’t schedule ahead of time, making them wait weeks, sometimes months.

An RMV spokesperson says that it’s always been the policy, but the old system allowed some schools to slip through the cracks.

“The laws have always been, if you turn 16 1/2, on or before the day, that’s the day you’re eligible,” Agganis said.

Add that to the heap of complaints in the last four days about long lines.

In Revere, people said that they waited as long as 3 1/2 hours.

crazy lines e1522371344595 RMV Computer Upgrades Cause Major Delays For Young Drivers

Long lines had customers at the RMV frustrated. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s been a crazy morning and hopefully I don’t have to come back here in a very long time,” said Joseph Pothier, an RMV customer.

Gov. Charlie Baker said something has to be done.

“For those for whom the waits are a lot longer, that’s got to get dealt with,” Baker said.

The RMV predicts wait times will eventually improve.

Hopefully, the ride to getting a license will smooth out as everyone gets used to navigating the new system.

“It’s like a milestone, getting your license,” a teenager said.


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