CBS Local — Whether you like to clip coupons or not, direct marketing firm Valpak says people should be checking their mail because the company is sending out $100 checks all over the U.S. this year.

In celebration of the monthly coupon pack’s 50th anniversary, Valpak says $100 checks have been randomly placed in their envelopes and are being mailed out to each of the company’s 150 markets. “No strings attached, just $100 for consumers to use as they wish,” Valpak officials said in a press release.

The country’s leading direct-marketing firm — which sends its famous blue envelopes to nearly 37 million homes — says all the checks are made out to “cash” and the promotion has actually been around since 1988 in select markets.

Although the program is now nationwide for the first time, not everyone is cashing in on the free money. According to WFMY, many customers haven’t cashed the checks because they thought it was junk mail or a scam. Lia Jensen of Valpak’s Michigan office claims that only seven of the 37 checks sent out in the Grand Rapids area were cashed in 2017.

To end the confusion this year, Valpak has reportedly changed the envelope’s packaging so people know there’s unclaimed money inside. “We’re rewarding them for opening up the envelope. We’re giving them surprises and offers. There are thousands of offers monthly,” Jensen said.

Valpak’s next set of coupons goes out between April 7 and April 10.