PEMBROKE (CBS) — A 16-year-old Pembroke High School student has been suspended as police investigate a threatening post on social media.

A gun in the picture that was posted over the weekend was recovered by police and determined to be a black BB pistol. “After the juvenile and parent were interviewed it was found that the juvenile had no access to weapons and the post has already been taken down,” police said.

According to Superintendent Erin Obey, extra police officers were at the high school Tuesday.

The student will not return until the investigation is complete.

“We are thankful to our students that brought this information forward and it is a true testament to how a “See Something Say Something” program should work,” said Obey.

Parents who spoke to WBZ-TV were aware of the situation but struggling to find solutions.

“The kids saw it obviously on social media over the weekend so they knew. With the caption that was written, ‘see you Wednesday’ or something like that, it was scary,” said parent Heather Martin. “I think the schools need to be stepping up a little bit more as far as metal detectors or things like that. They should not be letting all the kids walk in.”

Another parent, Sabrina Goodman said, “You’re talking about weapons. It’s awful, it’s awful. I don’t know what to do about it either, just how most people don’t know what to do about it anymore because it’s all out of control.”

She added, “The parents have to go to work — are they going to keep him in the house at all times? We don’t know. It’s going to probably be nerve-wracking until the whole situation is completely done and over.”

Justin Comeau wants to believe it was an empty threat. “I don’t know what they are thinking but I hope they don’t realize what they are doing.”


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