BOSTON (CBS) — The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles reopened on Monday and is now offering a different type of driver’s license.

Real IDs are now available across the state for those who need to renew their driver’s licenses. The ID is part of tighter federal security standards.

Starting in October 2020, a basic Massachusetts driver’s license will not qualify as an identification for certain activities. A Real ID or a passport will be needed to fly anywhere in the United States or to enter federal buildings.

rmv Mass. RMV Introduces Real ID License Option: What You Need To Know

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If you do not want to get a Real ID, you will need a passport.

To get a Real ID or the basic Massachusetts driver’s license, you’ll need proof of residency, a Social Security number, and one of the following – a birth certificate, passport, green card or immigration documents.

The RMV was closed for three days last week to allow for the new Real ID computer system to be installed.

For more information on the license options, visit

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  1. Can I renew lic not expiring for years to come and get new lic?

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S8+ Smartphone,..

    1. perhaps you should look on the RMV website or call them and ask.

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