BOSTON (CBS) — On Friday, Congress passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill that was released just hours before the vote. According to Representative Mike Capuano from the Seventh District of Massachusetts, not many people actually knew what it contained.

“It’s impossible. No one could read 2,000 pages and understand them in a matter of 24 hours,” he said. For that reason, Capuano said he voted no.

The Congressman stopped by to speak with Jon Keller. He said there were good and bad aspects of the bill but as a whole, he did not approve.

“Some of the things that are very good were some of the transit issues and there is money in there for dredging the Boston Harbor, 150 million or something like that. There’s some transit money in there, that’s very good for Boston. There’s some housing money. So there are several good things in there that are good for Massachusetts. But there are also some bad things. One of the things that I didn’t like was a new law, that had nothing to do with approbation– it shouldn’t have been in there, based on an invasion of privacy. It’s going to allow law enforcement agencies to now to invade your privacy even more than they ever had before. It’s tucked away in a 2,000-page bill and I’m willing to bet that most of my colleagues didn’t even know it was there.”

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday morning that he was considered vetoing the bill. “It’s stunning,” said Capuano. “I have to be honest of all the people in the world, this president stunning me on a regular basis.”

“The DACA kids were fine until he messed it up intentionally and alone. He alone could fix the problem that he, himself created.”

Capuano said Trump did get money towards national security but because he didn’t get everything he wanted, he was threatening a veto. “That’s somebody who doesn’t understand the give and take of life, that is not accepted in Washington. In Washington, most people understand that you get something, I get something, it’s a little bit of everything. Nobody gets everything they want, not even the President of the United States.”

Despite the threat, Trump later signed the bill.

Keller @ Large: Rep. Mike Capuano Part Two 

The President also created a tariff on Chinese imports and mentioned doing the same for other countries who have a trade imbalance.

“I don’t mind tariffs on countries that compete unfairly and you can certainly make the case that China is one of them. However, I also think that those tariffs need to be judiciously implied and directly implied…The concept doesn’t bother me but the details matter desperately, and I am not convinced at the moment that the President has gotten the details right,” Capuano said.

“For me, it is about focus. Focus on the things that are really causing problems or really providing unfair competition. China has a lot of that don’t get me wrong, I am not going to pretend they don’t, but they are not the only one who does. They are smart enough to have already found ways around it, in certain instances by using a third country as a pass through. So for me, it needs to be thoughtful, it needs to be targeted, and it needs to have an end in sight.”

Capuano will be headed into a competitive primary election against Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. He said he is focused on winning, not on whether it was a good move for those within the party to create competition. “I don’t usually complain about things I can’t control. I don’t complain about the weather. I don’t complain about people who want to run for office.”


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