BOSTON (CBS) – A Massachusetts State Police dispatcher is off the job, accused of sharing sensitive information about investigations on social media.

Police say Carla Grant posted information on Facebook about a deadly crash on Route 24 in Avon last year.

The dispatcher allegedly blamed the incident on 20-year-old Cory Wasilewski, who died in the crash.

The Wasilewskis feel their wounds have been reopened by the words of the dispatcher.

“Just a rude mean person,” said Tom Wasilewski, Cory’s father. “She just crossed the line.”

Tom Wasilewski (WBZ-TV)

It was a two car crash that the other driver, Kyle Thistle, walked away from. Thistle was later charged with negligent operation.

Recently, Carla Grant posted this: “Kyle had nothing to do with the crash. That’s already been determined. He’s the “other” in this – the “Vehicle 2” – he was struck by the decedent driving like a lunatic. It’s all in the dash cam photos.”

“She wasn’t out on the highway that night, so who is she to say that my son was driving like a lunatic?” Wasilewski said.

Investigators are also looking into comments Grant may have posted about other cases.

“She knew more than she should have known,” Wasilewski said. “And once I found out that she was a dispatcher, you know, she shouldn’t know anything about my son’s case.”

She is on leave while the department investigates.


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