BOSTON (CBS) – Several school districts canceled classes on Thursday in anticipation of a nor’easter. The problem was that, thanks to dry air and a more southern track, the storm never materialized.

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While forecast models began indicating Wednesday that the snow storm was a bust, meteorologists recommended superintendents wait until the morning to make their decisions.

But dozens of schools in the area closed. Boston Public Schools announced Wednesday night that class would be canceled on Thursday as a “precautionary measure.”

A spokesman said that the decision was made while keeping in mind that snow impacts bus stops and side roads. Many students in the city use public transportation to get to school.

Revere also canceled classes ahead of the storm. Superintendent Dianne Kelly said the choice was made after consulting with multiple departments in town and also superintendents in neighboring communities.

“We consider many factors; not only the amount of snow but also other safety concerns like whether or not neighbors will have had time to clear sidewalks in time for kids who will be walking to school, whether or not roads are safe for bus travel, and whether or not parking lots and walkways at the schools will be cleared in time for arrival,” Kelly said.

Kelly added that giving parents advance notice was also something that went into the decision.

“There was a time when most families had a stay at home parent who could look after kids when school was canceled. That is no longer a reality,” Kelly said. “The forecast for this storm was a lot of heavy, wet snow that would likely result in power outages. That signaled the need for parents (who still have to work) to have time to plan so that kids were not left home alone possibly in the dark and without heat. Hence the ‘early’ decision.”

Districts like Andover, Chelmsford and Billerica are all looking at when to make up lost time.

Andover has already had 10 snow days due to storms and power outages. Students will have to now be in class for a half day on Good Friday and so far, two full school days on two Saturdays.

Other districts are also considering shortening April vacation this year.

Right now many school districts are listing the very end of June as the last day of school.


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