By Anna Meiler

MARSHFIELD (CBS) – The high tide early Thursday flooded the Brant Rock area in Marshfield, making some roads impassable, but overall the police chief says they got lucky with this storm.

Waves crashed over the seawall around 3 a.m. Thursday, flooding roads in Brant Rock.

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The water has since receded, but it left behind piles of rocks, sand and debris.

Some Marshfield residents were out clearing debris after the latest storm. (WBZ-TV)

Nicholas Drosopoulos was out with a rake, bright and early.

“I’m trying to pick up some of the seaweed over here, to make it look decent,” he said.

Drosopoulos says he’s relieved this storm wasn’t as bad as the last three, which caused widespread damage across the community.

“It’s the worst I’ve seen since ’75, the worst,” he said.

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Marshfield Police Chief Phil Tavares shared cell phone video from the first nor’easter showing major flooding in Brant Rock.

Brant Rock saw some flooding after Thursday’s high tide during the latest storm. (WBZ-TV)

He feels lucky the fourth storm took it easier on them.

“We’re still cleaning up after the first initial storm and this just adds to it, but we were fortunate we did dodge the bullet and we didn’t get the damage we had in the previous storms,” Tavares said.

Tavares says they’re still trying to add up all the damage they’ve sustained from all the storms this month.

“I believe that there’s tens of millions of dollars of damage in Marshfield alone: our sidewalks, our roads, our seawalls, our guardrails. There are lots and lots and lots of homes that have been damaged. There are many that are total losses,” Tavares said.

Drosopoulos is among local residents hoping this latest storm is the last one for a long while so they can start the long road to recovery.

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“Once this is over, I don’t want to see it for another 25-30 years,” he said.

Anna Meiler