By Paula Ebben

AMESBURY (CBS) – An Amesbury woman escaped injury after a chunk of ice flew off a tractor-trailer and came crashing onto her windshield.

Kassandra Gove was driving on Interstate 495 in Acton on Saturday when she noticed a piece of ice go flying.

Gove began to pass the truck to avoid further danger. But as Gove switched lanes, another large chunk flew off the tractor-trailer’s roof and slammed onto her car.

A driver on I-495 had her windshield shattered by ice that flew off a truck.
(Image Credit: Kassandra Gove)

The truck continued driving and Gove was unable to see its license plate. She pulled into the breakdown lane and called police.

The Amesbury Chamber of Commerce executive director was able to escape injury. But her car had to be towed from the scene.

Paula Ebben

  1. It can’t be Acton, 495 doesn’t pass through there. Looks like Littleton maybe?

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