BOSTON (CBS) — The Bruins clinched a playoff berth on Wednesday night. On Thursday afternoon, they’re taking a little bit of a victory lap.

To help propel them on that journey, the team used a clip from 98.5 The Sports Hub host Michael Felger. That clip came from very early in the season, when Felger declared the Bruins season to be over. Specifically, Felger said in October, “They’re cooked. We’re not going to have a hockey season.”

Clearly, it was a misfire. And the Bruins were happy to bring back some of Felger’s early-season comments in a new advertisement.

Obviously, the likes of Charlie McAvoy, Jake DeBrusk, Danton Heinen, David Pastrnak, and most recently Ryan Donato have exceeded many people’s expectations. And as a result, the Bruins have themselves a commercial that would make @OldTakesExposed shed a single tear from pride.

Felger hasn’t been dunked on like that in quite a while.

Comments (6)
  1. Felger is the Fox and Friends of New England sports.

  2. Yeah, well, I’ve been calling for the ouster of this guy and his comrade Joe Blow Haggerty to be demoted to high school games. These guys and their ilk are – and have been – no friend to the B’s. They have both made their immature predictions of doom during Spring training for the past few years. Proving themselves inept mouthpieces, while also proving microphones do not belong in the hands of “journalists” resorting to writing filler to meet their daily deadlines..

  3. Frank Davis says:

    Second time Felger has had the Bruins come back at him. After they won the Cup in ’11, one of the Bruins said “Suck it, Felger.” and it ended up in bumps.

  4. Bruce Posch says:

    “Felger”…is that an old Montreal name?

  5. Those who can’t , talk about those who do. Makes them feel big.

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