By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Another day, another slide for the stock price of Facebook, the social-media giant that has proven to be great at amassing power and wealth but not so great on ethics and accountability. And if you listen closely to the marketplace, it seems to be saying that those things still matter. Ask yourself – do I care about the security of supposedly-private data about me that Facebook compiles?

If the answer is yes, you should care about the news that Facebook data was harvested by a dishonest company that turned a profit on its use as a political weapon. The data of about 50 million Americans ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica of London, which used it to create targeted political advertising.

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David Carroll, a Facebook critic suing to find out more about this huge data breach, put it in perspective.

“If they did let data get collected in an illicit manner and didn’t adequately protect it when they learned how it was used… then yes they are responsible. That’s the deal they make with us, that they protect our data in order for us to use the service,” Carroll said.

We as a society have honored Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook cronies with great wealth, book sales, and honorary degrees. But they and the other tech titans now face a reckoning.

The truth is, they’ve prioritized profits and market share over customer safety and privacy, misleading us about it every step of the way. The popularity of their products has rewarded them handsomely. But as the Bible says, to whom much is given, much is expected. And they have fallen way short of even the most modest expectations.

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  1. You miss the obvious, Jon…Entrepreneurs are ALWAYS in it for themselves. Any fool should have know that from the beginning, particularly with that unpleasant, unethical mess that surrounded the creation of Facebook with Zuckerberg and the Winkelvoss twins where Zuckerberg was accused of cheating the twins out of their fair share for the creation.

    The real truth behind that remains murky because that’s the way the litigants want it. But, a lot of money got into the hands of the twins from Zuckerberg’s coffers…$65,000,000 of a lot of dollars.

    You also miss the obvious, this whole thing would not have been a topic had the sheep of the world hadn’t decided to spill, and continue to spill, their guts out to a mindless web site with the excuse of “keeping in touch” with their friends and family.

    And how about all of you in the news media that focused your attention…and your commitments to their service…on the phenomenon for story lines and your own self-serving needs. How many of you in the industry have used Facebook to peddle yourselves, your books, and your personal appearances? Haven’t YOU used it as a marketing tool to help suck in the eyeballs that you need to justify your continued employment.

    As you excoriate Zuckerberg and Facebook, as they surely need to be excoriated, save some of your energy for all of the enablers who allows, nay, promotes the intrusions, and include both you and your station in the list.

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