ANDOVER (CBS) – Hundreds of people in North Andover on Wednesday honored tow truck driver Dan Coady, who was killed last week in a crash on Interstate 495.

coady Hundreds Pay Tribute To Tow Truck Driver Killed In 495 Crash

Dan Coady. (Facebook photo)

Coady was hit and killed while preparing to tow a car that was in the breakdown lane. Police charged the woman who allegedly caused the crash with drunk driving.

A funeral was held on Wednesday. To pay tribute to Coady, tow trucks gathered in North Andover for a “static procession” as the hearse was brought by on a flatbed truck.

trucks Hundreds Pay Tribute To Tow Truck Driver Killed In 495 Crash

A static procession for tow truck driver Dan Coady. (Image Credit: Lisa Gresci/WBZ-TV)

Coady’s casket was draped with a “Thin Yellow Line” flag that honors tow truck drivers who died in the line of duty.

Later this year, Coady’s name will be added to the Wall of the Fallen during a ceremony in Chattanooga, Tenn. The wall is located at the International Towing and Recovery Museum.

Anthony Belculfine said Coady’s death shows how dangerous the job can be.

“In the middle of the night you get called out there, you never know if someone is going to end up hitting you,” said Belculfine. “Hopefully people will see this and start moving over, paying attention, getting off their phones and not driving drunk.”

  1. A death is a death…….Maybe tow truck drivers should pay attention where they park monster trucks when they are not working…my son was killed by a drunk driver…who smashed into a flatbed that was parked where it shouldn’t have been…….I feel terrible for this mans family as they now know my pain caused by a tow truck………and a drunk driver……..just on different ends…imagine I have to see the last pic of my son decapitated….because of a drunk and a tow truck…..maybe now u drivers can understand my pain….probably not most of you are careless…….

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