DEVENS (CBS) – A Massachusetts State Police trooper is on administrative leave after he was allegedly drunk on the job.

State Police confirmed that Trooper Jonathan Brown was sent home early on in his overnight shift. Colleagues noted that Brown slurred his speech on the radio, and he showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

A State Police spokesman said there is no evidence that Brown was drinking on the job. Brown works out of the Devens barrack.

It is not yet known if Brown responded to any calls in the three hours he was working his shift.

Brown will remain on leave pending a duty status hearing. That hearing is scheduled for this week.

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  1. Mass State Police are a scandal ridden embarrassment to the good people of Massachusetts. Too many weekly scandals to list. But what is more of an embarrassment is Mr. outsource – Gov. Baker ,the legislature and Attorney General’s lack of intestinal fortitude to do something about a corrupt police force. Our elected officials are afraid of these corrupt cops. VOTE EM OUT- PERIOD!!!!!

  2. OK so this trooper has arrested many drunk drivers then drives to the job drunk Will he be charged like anyone else for drunk driving or will this be a paid leave and swept under the carpet like others have been ? Lets see how this all plays out as he knowingly arrived at work drunk and drove to get there . Lets see how equal rights work here

  3. No arrest… just “accused.” It will be broomed.

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