BOSTON (CBS) – A ferry is currently out-of-service and undergoing inspection after its power went out off Martha’s Vineyard during a trip. The 86 passengers and crew members who were on board are just relieved to be rescued.

The passengers who were about the ferry when it lost power are back on land now. But they spent 5.5 hours stranded at sea late Saturday night into the early Sunday morning hours.

“Besides the frustration of how long it took, they got us here safely,” said Teresa Boya.

A Martha’s Vineyard ferry returns to dock after losing power. (WBZ-TV)

Teresa and Mark Boya were among those on board when the ferry’s engines abruptly stopped.

“We were about 15 minutes out and all of a sudden the ferry died,” Teresa said.

The Steamship Authority said the ferry lost power to its main engines around 8:45 p.m., nearly halfway into a trop from the Vineyard to Woods Hole.

Two Coast Guard vessels arrived along with tugboats. They escorted the ferry and passengers to Vineyard Haven. The ferry docked early Sunday morning.

“It was an adventure,” Mark Boya told WBZ-TV.

No one was injured during the incident. The Steamship Authority is investigating what caused the power outage.

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