QUINCY (AP) — A Massachusetts landlord is facing charges for allegedly using a gun to intimidate a tenant.

Ben Bin Vo, of Quincy, was released on personal recognizance after pleading not guilty Wednesday to charges including assault with a dangerous weapon.

Quincy resident Judy Davis said she recorded her landlord, Ben Bin Vo, threatening her with a gun. (Image Credit: Judy Davis)

Police say his tenant, Judy Davis, parked in the duplex’s driveway during Tuesday’s snowstorm to comply with the city’s street parking pan. When the tenant asked Vo on Wednesday to move his car so she could go to a doctor’s appointment, she says he came to the door with a gun and refused. She caught the encounter on video.

A Quincy woman captured video she says shows her landlord intimidating her with a gun. (Image Credit: Judy Davis)

Vo says he never pointed the handgun and told police he came to the door armed because he did not know who was there. He says Davis is not supposed to use the driveway.

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