HOPKINTON (CBS) – Brittany Tognacci just wants her necklace back – no questions asked.

It’s not just any piece of jewelry – it contains the ashes of her father who died eight years ago. She says she still misses him every day.

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The stolen necklace (Photo credit: Brittany Tognacci)

“It just means so much to me,” Tognacci said. “It’s been there for all the milestones of my life.”

Last Friday when Tognacci was putting her groceries in the backseat of her car, she noticed her driver-side window was shattered. It turns out that a thief broke into her car and stole her purse – but that’s not what she was most upset about.

“The necklace was hanging right from the rearview mirror,” she said. “Someone came and ripped it off.”

The open heart-shaped necklace has diamond studs on the side and carries the memory of her father, Terry Smith. Tognacci takes him with her everywhere she goes.

Brittany and her dad (Image credit: Brittany Tognacci)

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“I wore it to my college graduation, my little sister’s high school graduation – I’ve had it with me on my wedding day,” she said.

The necklace itself is not that expensive, but for her it’s priceless.

“It’s a daily reminder having it in the car,” she said. “He was my best friend. If I was having a bad day I would hold onto it and feel his presence.”

Tognacci took to social media to reach out for help but so far no leads.

“I haven’t cried that hard since he passed,” she said. “I would ask that whoever has it or if anyone knows anything to just get it to the Framingham police.”

The damage to the car and stolen purse aren’t as important to Tognacci as the necklace that keeps her father close.

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“He taught me to never give up,”  she said. “It’s something I was hoping to have the rest of my life.”