BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts State Police say they’re seeing too many vehicles on the road still covered in snow from Tuesday’s blizzard.

The agency tweeted a particularly egregious example from Salem Wednesday morning, showing a vehicle that had its back window, lights and license plate obstructed, along with a pile of snow still on the roof.

“Please take the time for yourself and those around you to #ClearTheSnowBeforeYouGo,” police tweeted.

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A trooper issued the driver a verbal warning and the snow was cleared off before they drove away.

WBZ-TV’s SkyEye captured exactly what can happen someone doesn’t clear off their vehicle. The SUV in the video below can be seen braking quickly on the Mass Pike, sending all the snow on its roof down onto the windshield before falling on the road.

Later in the morning police provided several more examples of cars dangerously covered in snow.

Burlington police showed a car that had no way of seeing out the back window.

A video published by State Police one day before the blizzard shows drivers how to clear their cars of snow.

Drivers pulled over for having too much snow on their vehicle can face a fine of up to $200.

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  1. Al Fontaine says:

    Should be an automatic fine no warning….

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