BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady enjoyed a bit of a cheat day from his TB12 Method on Monday.

Patriots Nation got to see Brady’s famous beer-chugging abilities in action during the quarterback’s appearance on CBS’ “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” Chatting about his diet, Brady said he does sometime “fall off the wagon” during the offseason, giving Colbert the opportunity to enjoy a cold one with the quarterback.

“The things I eat far less often, cheeseburgers, pizza, beer  — things like that,” Brady said.

Colbert promptly pulled out two tall glasses of brew, and it soon turned into a challenge of the ages (though it really wasn’t much of a challenge for Brady).

“I was a pretty good beer-chugger back in the day,” said the QB.

“You were a good beer chugger?” Colbert asked. “Do you want to chug a beer?”

Brady threw back the suds like a college student, leaving Colbert in his dust. He even had time to finish off the little bit he had left in the glass.

Brady’s chugging has been noted before, as Mike Reiss highlighted it in a post to celebrate the quarterback’s 40th birthday. Even at 40 and with that strict diet to adhere to, it’s nice to see Brady still has his A-game when it comes to throwing back a brew.

But that wasn’t the only Brady broke from his comfort zone on Monday. Colbert couldn’t believe that Brady had never had a strawberry before (he says he doesn’t like the smell), so the host broke out a bowl and challenged Brady to try one.

“Not that bad,” Brady said after taking half a bite. “I did it. Mom, are you proud of me?”

Brady had a lot of fun during the segment, and even gave Colbert a forearm massage when discussing how he’s been able to play so well for 18 seasons. It would have made his trainer, Alex Guerrero, proud.

Brady also touched on losing Super Bowl LII, his training methods and much more. Watch the segment below:


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