By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – As our third nor’easter in less than two weeks envelopes us, I know what you’re thinking – what did we do to deserve this?

If you’re one of those people who believe Mother Nature is a real person who uses nasty storms as a way to tell us she’s ticked off, then this analysis is for you.

If mother follows politics, it could be that she’s fed up with the sky-high approval ratings of Gov. Charlie Baker. If she doesn’t want to see Baker cruise to re-election this fall, what better way to mix things up than to put more pressure on the struggling MBTA, one of the major potential weak points in the governor’s resume.

There is substantial evidence that Mother Nature is a big fan of the Patriots, providing the weather conditions they crave for big games. It is no accident that the Pats are 12-2 in postseason games where the temperature is 34 degrees or less at kickoff.

So maybe she is upset with the disappointing end to this season. Ask yourself – if Malcolm Butler were here right now, would this snowmageddon be happening?

But maybe the best theory about why Mother Nature is doing this to us relates to the way she uses weather to test our character. Beautiful days can be seen as the reward for the way we handle the ugly ones.

And let’s face it, some of us haven’t been very good about living up to our post-storm obligations, shoveling out sidewalks and clearing snow and ice off our vehicles.

Perhaps their negligence has angered mother nature, and Tuesday’s mess is payback.

Think that’s ridiculous?

Sorry, it’s all true. I saw it myself on TV.

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