MARLBORO (CBS) – There was a joyous reunion on Sunday between a Shrewsbury father and his two children after nine years apart.

“It was hard. It was definitely hard,” said Roger Brown.

Brown says his children were taken from him in 2009 when a judge allowed the mother to take them on a trip to Brazil to visit relatives. His worst fear became a reality when his children did not return to the United States – until now.

“My little girl. Look how big she is, you know. My son, it’s been over nine years. It’s a good feeling,” said Brown.

family Father Reunited With Teenage Daughter After Nine Years Apart

Roger Brown with his newly reunited family. (WBZ-TV)

His son, Nyle Brown, moved from Brazil to Massachusetts when he turned 18 a couple months ago. His 15 year-old daughter, Megan Brown, arrived at Logan Airport this afternoon, speaking barely any English.

“We’re trying to come here to get a better life with my dad,” said Nyle Brown.

The Marlboro Police Department has been following this case for nearly a decade. The Brown family had to visit the headquarters to confirm that Megan is no longer missing.

Distance and time kept this family apart, but now that they’re reunited, Brown told WBZ-TV they have a lot to catch up on.

“We’re going to be a big happy family. The future is to get them in school, get them diplomas,” he said.

The family will now live in Shrewsbury, where Megan will learn English and attend high school.

  1. So happy for you our grandson was abducted to Brazil 3yrs ago still no help from our state department or our senators.he is a US citizen why is it we can not tell Brazil to return our citizens we must be afraid of them.

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