PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A Plymouth North High School teacher has been placed on leave for allegedly making inappropriate remarks regarding a gun that he owns.

Plymouth Schools Superintendent Gary Maestas said in a statement that Plymouth police were promptly notified and investigated the situation.

“The teacher was removed from class and immediately put on administrative leave. His employment status is under review,” said Maestas, who did not identify the teacher. “As this matter is the subject of an investigation, we will have no additional comment at this time.”

Plymouth North High School. (WBZ-TV)

In a Facebook post, Plymouth Public Schools said on Friday, students reported to school administrators “a concerning comment that was made by a staff member.”

“The school took immediate action to assess the level of threat and implemented safety precautions such as a shelter-in-place protocol and involvement of the Plymouth Police,” the district said. “The investigation has indicated that the comment, while alarming, was not indicative of a present danger to the school.”

A “great deal of misinformation” has circulated on social media regarding the incident, according to the school district.

“We want to make students and parents aware that our investigation, assisted by police, has indicated that this situation involved a statement only, and not the possession of anything illegal,” the district said.

“We are proud of the students who came forward, and we want to express our appreciation to them and to the members of our school community who provided information that helped us get to the bottom of this situation quickly and safely. We will continue to prioritize school safety at all times in this difficult climate and react swiftly and strongly to any type of allegation that is brought to our attention.”

  1. Mike Hudson says:

    A student said something about wanting the answers to the test question, the teacher cracked, “They’re at home in my safe, next to my gun”. Boom, panic time. Absolutely absurd, unbelievable.